BioGaia launches tablets, drops in Brazil

BioGaia launches tablets, drops in Brazil

Company has signed a long-term agreement with Aché to sell BioGaia’s probiotic drops and tablets in Brazil.

BioGaia has signed a long-term agreement with Aché, for the exclusive rights to sell BioGaia’s probiotic drops and tablets in Brazil. The products will be co-branded and launch is planned to mid-2014.

Aché is one of the three most important pharmaceutical companies in Brazil. The company manufactures and promotes more than 280 prescription, OTC and generic drugs and has 3 300 employees, whereof more than 1 600 belong to the sales force of medical representatives. Brazilian physicians rank Aché as number one of the pharmaceutical companies.

”We are pleased to engage in an enduring collaboration with BioGaia, enabling the launch of relevant products in the Brazilian market. The well-studied probiotic products will address important unmet medical needs, especially in the child health segment, and combined with the recognised country-wide footprint and leadership of Aché, it will rapidly become an important therapeutic alternative adopted by the physicians in Brazil”, says Celso Sustovich, executive director of Aché.

“Our focus on the BRIC-countries is giving results. Brazil is a very important market and both our drops and tablets are already registered there after a long and difficult process. We are convinced that Brazil will become one of our most important markets within a not too distant future”, says Peter Rothschild, president of BioGaia.

Both the BioGaia ProTectis baby drops and the BioGaia ProTectis tablets contain BioGaia’s patented and well-researched probiotic strain Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis. Today the drops are sold in 60 countries and the tablets in around 50 countries around the world.

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