Court rules in favor of Satiereal trademark owner

Court rules in favor of Satiereal trademark owner

U.S. District Court orders Nutra Pure to cease infringement.  

On April 22, 2013, the United States District Court in Tampa, Fla., ordered Nutra Pure LLC, a Washington corporation, to discontinue its unauthorized use of the Satiereal® trademark. INO'Réal®, the lawful owner of the Satiereal trademark in the United States, brought this suit to prevent Nutra Pure's unauthorized use of the Satiereal name in promoting and selling saffron-containing products.

The Court's order applies to any person or entity working in concert with Nutra Pure LLC. The Court further ordered Nutra Pure, LLC to transfer all of its internet domains incorporating the Satiereal name to INO'Réal. Nutra Pure also entered into a settlement agreement with INO'Réal, the terms of which are confidential.

In response to the consent judgment, Cedric Bourges, the CEO of INO'Réal, stated "We are pleased that the United States District Court issued this judgment. We have spent the past decade developing Satiereal, and we are committed to defending the product and supporting our valued customers. The number of satisfied consumers using Satiereal continues to grow every day and we want them to be assured that they are purchasing the real thing, not a knock-off product without the clinically studied benefits of Satiereal. INO'Réal's Satiereal saffron extract is the only known saffron extract on the market that has weight and satiety properties demonstrated through clinical studies."

The satiated feeling induced by Satiereal may encourage weight loss by helping to avoid snacking and compulsive eating behaviors. Satiereal is patented in Australia, Canada and France for the use of saffron, the saffron extracts crocin and picrocrocin, and derivatives of these as a satiety agent in support of a healthy weight. Patent rights are pending in the United States and are anticipated in the near future.

Satiereal is marketed in North America by P.L. Thomas.


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