Enzymotec, Polar Omega sign joint venture

Enzymotec, Polar Omega sign joint venture

Companies have signed a joint venture agreement for the commercialization of Omega PC, a new premium fish based omega-3 product.

Enzymotec Ltd. (Nasdaq: ENZY), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative bio-functional lipid ingredients, and Polar Omega A/S, a Danish company specializing in the production of marine phospholipids from sustainable fish sources, announced that they have signed a joint venture agreement for the commercialization of Omega PC™, a new premium fish based omega-3 product.

Omega PC is a wild fish cold extract, containing omega-3 fatty acids bound to phospholipids (PL) and triglycerides (TG), to better preserve the natural nutrients found in fish and enhance their broad impact on general health.

Under the agreement, Enzymotec will be responsible for global sales and marketing, research and development, and for the intellectual property regarding Omega PC. Polar Omega will be responsible for supply chain, including sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing Omega PC.

“We are very pleased to join our scientific and intellectual forces with Polar Omega’s strength in supply chain management and manufacturing, by establishing a strategic partnership between two significant players in the global omega-3 market from Israel and Denmark. This will take us one step further towards creating a new gold standard for fish oil,” said Dr. Ariel Katz, president and chief executive officer of Enzymotec Ltd. “The existing omega-3 market suffers from increased commoditization and lack of innovation, Omega PC is an innovative product in the omega-3 category that brings new benefits to the consumer.”

“Enzymotec, with 15 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing clinically-validated, bio-functional, lipid-based compounds, and Polar Omega, with a state-of-the-art-production facility and access to some of the highest quality raw material, positions this joint venture to redefine the omega-3 market. We are proud to join with Enzymotec as our partner and look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration,” said Mr. Nils Christian Jensen, chief executive officer of Polar Omega A/S.

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