Nutragenesis patent for betaglucan ashwagandha

NutraGenesis secures patent for WellBody 365

WellBody 365 combines clinically tested, immunomodulating Maitake mushroom extract with Sensoril, an adaptogenic standardized extract of ashwagandha.

NutraGenesis LLC is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark office has issued the company U.S. Patent 8,597,697 for the composition of beta-glucan and ashwagandha. Covered under the patent is the company’s WellBody 365® nutraceutical ingredient.

The invention covers compositions of beta-glucan and ashwagandha, which enhances immune activity under periods of stress including chronic stress by increasing certain cytokines and phagocytosis.

WellBody 365 combines the power of a clinically tested, multi-patented immunomodulating Maitake mushroom extract with Sensoril®, an advanced, multi-patented, adaptogenic standardized extract of ashwagandha that increases the body’s resistance to stress.

“WellBody 365 represents a departure from traditional immune-modulators that simply address immune support. Patented WellBody 365 is the next-generation immune nutraceutical that provides immune modulation as well as dramatic resistance to stress for broad spectrum, daily support and protection of immune function,” said Suzanne McNeary, president and managing director.

The stress-reducing, immune enhancing properties of WellBody 365 were evaluated at the University of Louisville by beta-glucan expert Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka. Mice fed a normal diet that were subject to stress had higher levels of corticosterone (equivalent to cortisol in humans) and decreased immune function compared to non-stress, control animals. In contrast, mice fed a diet that included WellBody 365 had reduced corticosterone levels and enhanced immune function in stressed and non-stressed conditions (including increased phagocytic activity and greater production of IL-6, IL-12 and IFN-gamma cytokines).

WellBody 365 is utilized in many leading dietary supplement brands and possesses substantiated structure/function claims in the areas of healthy immune function and increased resistance to stress, tension and fatigue. 

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