Valensa gets 5 US patent approvals on GoEasy

Valensa gets 5 US patent approvals on GoEasy

GoEasy Gastrointestinal Health Formula is a unique microdispersion of natural, plant-based, non-GMO policosanols in a stabilized mixture of plant-based omega-3 extracts.

Valensa announced that it has received five new US patents on its GoEasy™ Gastrointestinal Health Formula. GoEasy Gastrointestinal Health Formula is a unique micro-dispersion of natural, plant-based, non-GMO policosanols in a stabilized mixture of plant-based omega-3 extracts. Regular use of the Formula helps maintain gastrointestinal health by supporting regularity via mild lubrication of the GI tract—without the unpleasant side effects of traditional laxatives or fiber-based products.

A preclinical study showed beneficial effects on cholesterol levels in test subjects and an increase in the average weekly number of normal bowel movements in subjects suffering from poor GI track function. The cholesterol reduction observed during the trial has been attributed to blocking of the well-known cholesterol re-uptake mechanism in people who have infrequent bowel movements, along with the mild laxative effects of ALA-rich plant-based omega-3 oils. The patents relate to the composition and use of the Formula in maintaining healthy gastrointestinal function while improving lipid health. The Formula is recommended for daily use as a dietary supplement for individuals who do not receive enough natural dietary waxes and omega-3s from greens, fruits and vegetables in their diet.

According to Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, president and CEO of Valensa, GoEasy Gastrointestinal Health Formula helps restore a natural functional balance to diets of people who increasingly consume excessive amounts of nonfunctional processed foods. “Our bodies function best with diets that have plenty of leafy green vegetables and fruits—all of which contain botanical waxes, or policosanols, in abundance. When we forget to eat them, or over-indulge in processed foods, we lose the natural waxes and our intestinal function suffers. Go Easy is a safe and elegant approach to restoring natural waxes in our diets,” he said. “The combination of all-natural policosanols and heart-healthy plant based omega-3s found in GoEasy offers very safe and very mild efficacy without the harshness of chemical laxatives or the gas and bloating commonly associated with using fiber-based products to maintain regularity. Because it works by a totally different mechanism, GoEasy Gastrointestinal Health Formula is safe to consume with a high fiber diet,” he added. 

GoEasy Gastrointestinal Health Formula is a small easy-to-swallow softgel that can be taken once or twice daily. The Formula features a patent-protected micro-dispersion technology which distributes small sized particles of policosanols in a heart-healthy oil. The new formula also features Valensa’s O2B Peroxidation Blocker technology for protection from rancidity and a shelf-life of two years at 25 degrees C.

According to Moerck, with the formulating technology used for GoEasy Gastrointestinal Health Formula, Valensa has unlocked the mystery behind policosanol’s potential for the supplement market. “Early work with policosanols showed cholesterol-management potential, but subsequent trials that focused on absorption couldn’t reproduce initial trial results. What we have found is that policosanols are not systematically absorbed due to their very high molecular weights. Instead, they have a ‘ball-bearing’ effect on the food bolus in the body, helping to maintain proper movement through our GI track. Our work with micro-dispersion technology and formulating with omega-3s has demonstrated efficacy and resulted in these patents,” he said.

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