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Nutra Products announces new patent

Nutra Products announces new patent
To celebrate a new patent and patent extension on its dietary supplement compositions, NPI is offering $200 reward certificates for Garli-Eze Nutraceutical Garlic orders placed by New Year’s Eve.

Nutra Products Inc., the industry leader in Alkalizing methods and uses, announces a patent and a patent extension on its dietary supplement compositions. To celebrate the achievements, NPI is offering $200 Reward Certificates for Garli-Eze® Nutraceutical Garlic orders placed by New Year’s Eve.

The term of Patent US 8,853,262 B2, PKA Buffered Vitamin C Composition and Method has been extended by 2,034 days. This patent applies to FAST-C®, winner of the NBJ Scientific Achievement Award, which absorbs faster and is buffered for stomach comfort and ease of consumption. FAST-C has been shown to produce significantly higher vitamin C blood levels after 30, 60 and even 90 minutes than the leading enhanced-absorption vitamin C brand.

The new patent is US 8,808,774 B2 PKA Buffered Flavor Enhanced Reduced Moisture Fruits and Vegetables.  This is utilized in Comforteze®, where this patented process combines natural ingredients to quickly and effectively neutralize excess acid. Whether it’s sour stomach, heartburn, acid indigestion or simply overindulgence in food and drink, Comforteze delivers rapid digestive comfort to put the stomach at ease.

NPI Alkemy’s US Patented products portfolio also includes:

  • Garli-Eze uses a patented process to create high-quality garlic supplements that deliver all the health benefits except without the garlic smell and unsocial side effects. Garli-Eze High Allicin Buffered Garlic supplements are made from an exclusive variety of premium grade garlic, Allium sativum L., specially grown for its nutraceutical marker content. Study results show Garli-Eze yields allicin bioavailability equal to that of fresh garlic. US Patent 7,901,717 B1 – Alkalizing Compositions and Methods for Using the Same
  • Alkemy Water is purified water with added minerals and electrolytes in a patent pending process, which provides the best hydrating water available. It has been clinically tested superior to Gatorade for hydration and mineral replacement. There is no sugar, salt or calories and was preferred 2:1 by women.

“These innovative treatments make it easier for consumers to realize the benefits of dietary supplements that, in some other forms, may have unpleasant side effects like odor or upset stomach,” said NPI President Gretchen Reece. “Good science utilizing healthy minerals and electrolytes for a stable pH, make dietary supplements and foods easier to consume and provide health solutions with a high compliance rate.”

With each $1,000 purchase of Garli-Eze ordered by Dec. 31, 2014, a $200 reward certificate is earned, redeemable for orders places in early 2015. Contact the company for details.  



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