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3 ways to maximize lighting

Smart lighting makes produce colors pop. Highlight your fruits and veggies with these tips from Steven Crocker, project manager for CDM Real Estate Co. in Watsonville, Calif. Crocker has been involved in designing Whole Foods Market stores up and down the West Coast.

  1. Forget fluorescent. "It will kill the presentation," Crocker says. Opt for full-spectrum metal-halide lighting. If you have the budget, "high-intensity discharge lights, or HID, are very bright and intense—great to make the produce pop."
  2. Hit all the angles. You don't want to just illuminate one side of a field bin if shoppers are walking around all four sides. "You should have multiple lamps hitting multiple angles," Crocker points out.
  3. Downlight. To make those shiny apples and cucumbers stand out, "don't use general lighting in the produce department," Crocker says. Take a cue from Whole Foods, and stick to spotlights on the bins for a clean, sophisticated look.
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