Ad legend Bogusky reveals the secret sauce of marketing at Expo West 2011

Alex Bogusky, former chief creative officer of culture tweaking ad shop Crispin Porter & Bogusky, proposes an organic campaign to rival the mainstream success of Burger King.

During his presentation at Natural Products Expo West 2011, Alex Bogusky, creative director of the decade and former chief creative officer of culture-tweaking ad shop Crispin Porter & Bogusky, revealed the one thing the organic industry needs to do to grow the market. This tool is what launched Windows 7 for Microsoft, made the creepy Burger King a cultural icon, launched the small car revolution in the United States, and was the force behind the most effective anti-smoking campaign in history.

The secret sauce? Cash. Mini was launched on a budget of $25 million. Burger King spends an estimated $400 million annually to keep the creepy king in our minds and his Whoppers in our mouths.

Referencing campaigns like Got Milk, Florida Orange Juice and Pistachios, Bogusky calculated that our complete spend of zero dollars on "Got Organic" has been one of the key factors holding back the explosion of organic. With a $15 million spend, the pistachio category saw growth of more than 200%. Florida Orange Juice comes in at $16 million annually to remind us that there is a difference in the juice from the Sunshine State, and that we should should pay a premium for those oranges. Milk? A $10 billion industry that spends an estimated $27 million annually to remind us to grab that extra carton.

Why are all these campaigns running in perpetuity? Because they work. And they keep working, year after year.

Bogusky openly challenged the industry to create 'Got Organic' and counseled that if we can as a collective get beyond the single digit percentage of the market, there would be a steamroller affect that would then roll all the way through food culture. He even offered to help. Alex's presentation is available here in its entirety.

So, industry....let's do this. Sounds crazy. But it's simple, and it will work. And the journey of getting from here to there will be invaluable to us as individuals, and as a collective.

If you are interested in being part of this effort, please contact Dave Kingsbury at [email protected].

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