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Aenova Group buys Euro Vital Pharma

Aenova Group buys Euro Vital Pharma
Euro Vital has more than 30 medicines approved for the German market, along with dietary supplements, salves, gels, syrups and nasal sprays.

The Aenova Group, one of the leading companies in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, is taking over Euro Vital Pharma GmbH & Co. KG as part of its ongoing growth strategy. The contract was signed by the two companies last week. The purchase price will remain confidential. The acquisition is conditional on the approval of the relevant competition authorities and is likely to become legally binding at the end of 2012.

Euro Vital Pharma, which is based in Hamburg, is a pharmaceutical company with many years’ experience of developing, manufacturing and marketing health products for private-label and brands. With more than 30 medicines approved for the German market, together with dietary supplements and cosmetic products, which consist primarily of salves, gels, syrups and nasal sprays, the company’s range ideally complements Aenova’s existing portfolio of licensed products. Aenova is a leading provider of services for the development, manufacturing and sale of solid dosage forms and already has a broad customer base in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

“The acquisition of Euro Vital Pharma is not just the next logical step in our growth strategy. It also enables us to expand our intellectual property and, at the same time, to strengthen our position as the market-leading service provider for private-label customers and brand customers selling products in pharmacies, chemist stores and food retail chains. The semi-solid and liquid dosage forms produced by Euro Vital Pharma are an excellent complement to our portfolio,” says Heiner Hoppmann, CEO of the Aenova Group.


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