Albion Announces New Patent

April 23, 2008 - Albion Human Division Office: Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - Albion, the world leader in mineral amino acid chelate technology (home of TRAACS®) has just been granted a US patent (#7351853 B2) entitled "Method of Manufacturing a Granular Mineral Composition". In this manufacturing process, a reaction is carried out between edible organic acids and mineral bases to form a new mineral organic acid compound, and the reaction is carried out in a manner that actually produces granules, without requiring a binder or a solvent and no need for the use of extrusion and milling techniques to control particle size. By controlling the moisture, speed of mixing, as well as the added moisture droplet size, the company can control the reaction, heat of reaction and achieve a reacted granulated mineral compound in one step, without the need for initial spray drying, addition of binders, or any other extra process. Particle sizes for the granules can be controlled to achieve different micron size ranges. The heat generated during the reaction to form the new mineral compound is used to drive the moisture out of the granulation, yielding a new granulated compound ready for use. One step wonder!

For more information please contact:
Max R. Motyka
Director Human Nutrition Division
100 Maple Park Blvd., Suite 110
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48081
[P] 586.77.49055
[TF] 800.222.0733
[E] [email protected]

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