Ashland brings innovations to in-cosmetics 2014

Ashland brings innovations to in-cosmetics 2014

Company will showcase its consumer science program and unveil several innovative technologies for hair care and skin care.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), invites the world’s leading personal care product formulators, researchers and marketers to create lasting impressions for consumers at in-cosmetics 2014, to be held April 1 to 3 in Hamburg, Germany.

During the show, Ashland will highlight its innovative consumer science program, which helps manufacturers of personal care products tap into consumer expressions virtually anywhere in the world, with validated in vitro and in vivo performance data of new ingredients.

In addition, Ashland will unveil a series of new technologies for hair and skin care products that allow personal care manufacturers to deliver new benefits to consumers. These innovations include improvements in shampoo, hair styling, conditioning and rinse-off technologies, as well as biofunctional ingredients for skin care. Attendees also will learn how Ashland continues to utilize classic ingredients in new ways and forms during the 75-year anniversary celebration of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) polymer technology and the 50-year anniversary celebration of its Vincience™ skin care biofunctionals business.

“Developing new technologies and solutions that ultimately benefit consumers is essential to the success of personal care formulations,” said Linda Foltis, vice president care specialties R&D, Ashland Consumer Specialties. “Ashland has invested in consumer science laboratories around the globe to gain the insights required to create ingredient and formulation solutions and to validate our in vitro performance data. At in-cosmetics 2014, attendees will learn how Ashland collaborates with customers to provide substantiated solutions and to capture the desired consumer experience through our consumer science studies.”

Ashland established a consumer science group several years ago to learn more about the preferences of consumers in various countries. Taking into account cultural, demographic and geographic circumstances, the company now develops or modifies ingredient technologies for required benefits in hair, skin and oral care formulations.

“We look forward to partnering with manufacturers of personal care products in need of a direct pipeline for novel benefits that will create lasting impressions with consumers,” Foltis said.  

Imagine. Collaborate. Succeed in innovation.
Ashland will introduce several new technologies during this year’s in-cosmetics show. On April 1 at 11 a.m., Ashland will unveil the first enduring solution for hair repair at its in-cosmetics booth 4F30. Although a range of technologies exist to address the signs of damaged hair, more often than not, the benefits are short-lived. New chemistry will be introduced with perceivable durable hair repair benefits delivered from hair conditioner formulations.

A world leader in styling polymers, Ashland will expand its AquaStyle™ portfolio to include the benefit of all-day hold in high-humidity conditions. Designed for use in clear gels and other styling formats, the new polymer offers smooth comb-through on hair, and style memory, with no tack or flaking.

In the area of anti-aging skin care, where a need exists for biofunctional ingredients that help support skin’s natural dermal turnover and remodeling, Ashland will unveil a new pentapeptide inspired by stratifin proteins, an epidermal biomessenger linked to skin matrix remodeling and wrinkle repair in vitro and in vivo.

Included among Ashland’s innovations in rinse-off chassis is SurfaThix™ N polymer, an all-in-one solution with application in shampoo and body wash formulations. Lending clarity, performance and elegance to surfactant-functional systems, the new polymer frees formulators to succeed in delivering clear systems with yield value, stable suspension of particles and beads and elegant sensory attributes without formulation trade-offs.

Imagine. Collaborate. Succeed in originality.
What is texture and how do you turn it into a unique and elegant consumer benefit? According to Eric W. Lippay, global marketing manager, skin care, Ashland Consumer Specialties, texture is what you see and feel in the jar, sense during rubout, and experience after product is applied on skin.

“An ideal combination of emulsifier, rheology modifier and emollient is the key to elegant texture, but getting the sensory benefits just right from start to finish for specific consumer groups requires extra insight. At in-cosmetics, we will point out a range of formulation ingredients, along with some novel yet simple procedures, that can turn your texture into elegance, from start to finish,” he said.

Also available in Ashland’s booth will be formulation prototypes demonstrating textures for daily wear and sun care.

Create lasting impressions in hair care
Attendees may visit the Ashland booth during select show hours to learn what consumers think and say about the company’s new polymer offerings in hair styling and hair repair formulations. Live demonstrations will show how select polymers may be used to engender a range of new consumer benefits in styling and conditioning formulations.

In the afternoon hours of April 1 to 3, attendees are invited to join Ashland in a celebration of the past, present and future of skin care. Since 1964, the scientists and visionaries at its Vincience business have discovered or developed biofunctionals that change the way we look at beauty. Meet the Vincience team and enjoy a glass of champagne with dessert.

At the same time, Ashland invites attendees to celebrate PVP, a polymer technology synonymous with the advent of hair styling. First synthesized in 1939, PVP is justifiably one of the most functional derivatives ever produced from acetylene chemistry. In honor of the many scientists, formulation chemists and product manufacturers who have helped to advance PVP over the past 75 years, Ashland invites attendees to see how this technology has evolved to help improve lives.

For more information about Ashland’s activities at the in-cosmetics 2014 exhibition, please visit us at booth 4F30.

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