Natural Foods Merchandiser

Avatar Marketing is a full service Sales Management Company

Avatar Marketing is a full service Sales Management Company with more than 27 years experience in the Natural and Organic Products Industry and Mass Market. Services include but are not limited to:

  • USA and Canada Natural Products and Mass/Drug Channels.
  • Hiring and managing a National Broker and Distributor network.
  • Acting as your National Demo Coordinators.
  • Avatar handles all the day-to-day Administrative duties. Some duties include but are not limited to; Processing and Managing Purchase Orders and Discounts, Distributor and Retail paperwork and Vendor Forms, researching MCB's (manufacturers discounts), Broker and Retailer Requests, Promotional Schedules for Retailers and Distributors, Spread Sheets, Broker and Demo Personnel Trainings.
  • Create a "Direct" and/or "Distributor" business model for vendor.
  • Creating Sales Merchandising programs and implement at retail.
  • Implementing all Trade Plans.
  • Create annual budgets for the Sales and Marketing end of the business.
  • Help with "Marketing" and "Point of Purchase" materials and implementation at retail.
  • Work alongside any existing Sales Managers to focus on the channel/s Avatar does best, which allows time for the Sales Manager of the vendor to focus on other channels of distribution.
  • Interface with vendors PR firms and other players to form a tight team.

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Email: [email protected]

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