BioActives Takes Equity Position in the Perfect Smile Corporation

BioActives management has announced that it has acquired a major equity position in the Perfect Smile Corporation, and has also formed a strategic alliance with the company.

BioActives is an ingredient development company supplying MicroActive® CoQ10 to Perfect Smile for its toothpaste and other oral-care products. MicroActive® CoQ10 is a patented CoQ10 formulation shown to be universally more bioavailable than other advanced products currently on the market and is more suitable for water-based products such as toothpaste.

Dan Kagan, PhD, a managing partner at BioActives, states, “The strategic alliance will create an opportunity to better integrate our ingredients into consumer oral-care products and pave the way for other lines of retail personal-care and supplement products.”

About Perfect Smile Corporation

Perfect Smile’s product development began with the early recognition of CoQ10 and its role in fighting gum disease by two nationally known oral care professionals, a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry and an oral implant surgeon. In collaboration, they developed and brought to market the Perfect Smile Oral Care System comprised of its toothpaste, mouth rinse and chewing gum. Additionally, the company produces a teeth-whitening pen. Perfect Smile products are made in the USA and marketed to consumers through its website ( Perfect Smile also partners with various companies both online and offline who market products to their members and customers under the Perfect Smile brand and also through private label arrangements.

About BioActives, LLC

BioActives produces a variety of value-added nutritional ingredients, including MicroActive® CoQ10 which is marketed through Maypro Industries ( MicroActive® technology is used to improve the bioavailability of lipophilic compounds as well as reduce uptake variance inherent in these ingredients. MicroActive® ingredients assure consumers maximum efficacy regardless of diet, health conditions or risk factors. In addition, they are cost effective and easily formulated into many applications. The company also produces other cardio-care products such as Cardio HB, a hibiscus extract, and a celery-seed extract standardized to 85% phthalides.

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