Bioriginal Targets Women's Health With Combination Softgel

Following the successful launch of its skin health supplement, BioAsteri™ with lignans, Bioriginal has now brought the second in a unique line of multi-benefit EFA softgels to market. Aimed at improving women’s health, BioAsteri + EPA and lignans offers the potent health benefits of three vital ingredients for female wellbeing. The new softgel combines the essential natural properties of borage oil, fish oil and lignans to offer multiple, complementary health benefits in a highly targeted, convenient format.

Recently cited as one of the top 10 hottest ingredients[1], lignans are naturally-occurring substances found in plants, fruits and vegetables. In particular, they are highly effective in balancing estrogen levels, which is valuable in the management of menopause and for promoting healthy breast tissue. Research has shown a link between high estrogen levels and increased risk of certain hormone-dependent cancers, such as breast cancer. Natural components, such as lignans, that demonstrate the ability to regulate estrogen levels may therefore be a useful tool in lowering the risk factor of such cancers.

Known widely as an important nutrient for moisturising the skin, the GLA found in borage oil has also demonstrated great potential for reducing night-time flushes, breast pain, inflammation, fluid retention, depression and irritability, symptoms which are commonly associated with perimenopause and the menopause. As they age, women are found to be particularly deficient in the enzyme that converts (LA) linoleic acid into GLA, so supplementation with borage oil is important.

With the addition of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) to the mix, the list of potential benefits for this new softgel is further extended. As well as its widely documented heart health benefits, EPA from fish oil has also been linked to enhanced calcium absorption and is thought to aid calcium deposition in bones. As such, EPA may offer beneficial properties for sufferers of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis looking to reduce the side effects associated with loss of bone calcium.

Dr. Adrian Hughes, Bioriginal’s director of new business and technical support, said; ‘Consumer demands are becoming more and more complex. Manufacturers need to respond to this by adopting a more targeted approach. Our multi-benefit softgel range offers them the opportunity to create sought-after supplement lines for specific target audiences. The initial response to these products has been great and we look forward to extending the range in the future.’

BioAsteri™ + EPA and lignans is available in a convenient softgel format.


[1] NBJ Supplement Business Report (2005)

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