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Blue California Appointed Exclusive Distributor for Natural Vitamin K2

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA –Blue California, an ingredient manufacturer in Southern California, announced it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for a source of natural Vitamin K2, also known by its chemical name menaquinone-7. Vitamin K2, derived from fermented soybeans (natto), is a more bio-available form of Vitamin K.

Vitamin K2 is considered essential for bone health and, according to recent clinical research, also plays an important part in cardiovascular health. Numerous clinical studies show the importance of supplementation with vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) in preventing age-related bone loss. Vitamin K1 is typically found in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, salad greens, kale and broccoli while Vitamin K2, normally produced by intestinal bacteria, is found in fermented foods such as natto (fermented soybean). Since the American diet is not rich in fermented foods, researchers recommend daily supplementation with Vitamin K2.

Cecilia McCollum, Blue California’s Executive Vice President states, “Blue California has formed an exclusive partnership for the distribution of Vitamin K2-All Trans™. This natural form of Vitamin K2 has a higher rate of absorption than Vitamin K1 derived from vegetables. Millions of Americans suffer from the effects of osteoporosis and millions more have low bone mass. Supplementation with Vitamin K2 will help prevent loss of bone mass and will help restore healthy bone mass.” Researchers have found that circulating Vitamin K2 concentrations are ten times higher than those of vitamin K1 after the consumption of spinach.

Blue California is an ISO-9000 manufacturer of Kosher-certified standardized botanical extracts and other specialty ingredients. Blue California uses raw materials from around the world to produce high quality ingredients for the dietary supplement and functional foods industries. Blue California is among the first manufacturing facilities in China to be awarded GMP Registration by NSF.

In addition, Blue California offers also contract-manufacturing services such as blending, granulation and chilsonation.

For more information, contact Cecilia McCollum at Blue California, 30111 Tomas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. (949) 635-1990, (949) 635-1984 Fax,,


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