Blue California To Offer Rebaudioside A, a Purified Stevia Compound

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA –Blue California, a GMP ingredient manufacturer in Southern California, announced that it is has successfully completed the isolation of Rebaudioside A, a pure compound derived from Stevia. The company expects to go into industrial scale production in 2008 using a more economical and proprietary process, which will translate into better prices for manufacturers and consumers.

The natural sweetening capacity of this pure compound makes it an ideal ingredient for the food and beverage industries. Blue California will be working diligently in appointing exclusive distributors with experience in the different markets where Rebaudioside A can have the greatest impact.

Currently, the FDA has only given stevia-derived sweeteners approval as a dietary supplement in the United States, not a food additive. However, recently, several major companies in the beverage and food industries have teamed together to fight on behalf of this natural sweetener. The FDA’s approval for stevia as a food additive would be welcomed by several industries that can benefit from this amazing natural sweetener.

Cecilia McCollum, Blue California’s Executive Vice President points out, “Reduction in sugar is in everyone’s wish list and this more economical form of Rebaudioside A, with its amazing sweetening power, will make it possible for consumers to enjoy sweet-tasting foods and drinks, while benefiting from the reduced calories this ingredient offers.” Rebaudioside A can be used in products such as protein powders, nutritional bars, beverages, cereals, desserts, yogurts, chewing
gum, candies, chocolates and any other product that can benefit from a little sweetness without the extra calories.

Blue California offers unique contact manufacturing services such as micro-encapsulation, extraction processing and complete R&D solutions under strict ISO-9001:2000 (Quality Management), ISO-14001 (Environmental Management) and cGMP standards. Blue California manufactures Kosher-certified standardized botanical extracts and specialty ingredients for the dietary supplement and functional foods industries.

For more information, contact Cecilia McCollum at Blue California, 30111 Tomas, Rancho Santa
Margarita, CA 92688. (949) 635-1990, (949) 635-1984 Fax, [email protected],

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