Cacolac launches new product line extension, Cacolac Infini, following Tate & Lyle reformulation

French dairy specialist Cacolac has developed a new energy reduced version of its iconic cocoa drink, following a reformulation by Tate & Lyle. Launched in 1954, the brand Cacolac is a household name in France. Cacolac Infini, which is fat free and has no added sugars, is the first reformulation since 1993. The cocoa drink, which is primarily marketed towards women, also contains added fibre.

Cacolac first approached Tate & Lyle with the intention of developing a reduced sugar version of its chocolate flavoured beverage sweetened with SPLENDA® Sucralose. After discussions with Tate & Lyle’s research and development team, it became apparent that Cacolac could benefit from increased consumer interest in fibre and other health propositions.

In addition to reformulation work, Tate & Lyle also offered guidance on labelling regulations and on-packaging health claims. In order to meet the claims suggested by Tate & Lyle’s regulatory team, the new cocoa drink has been specially formulated to meet the following product claims:

  • "Reduced sugars”
  • “Energy reduced”
  • “With no added sugars”
  • “Source of fibre”
  • “Fat-free”
Richard VESSAIRE, Directeur Commercial at Cacolac, said, “Given the affection people have for the Cacolac brand in France, it was crucial that any changes to the formulation did not come at the expense of taste. Tate & Lyle’s R&D experts developed a bespoke ingredient system to achieve a new nutrition profile while maintaining the great taste that has made Cacolac one of the most popular cocoa drinks in France.”

Mike Augustine, Global Vice President, Food Ingredient Applications and Technical Service at Tate & Lyle, said, ”We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with such an established brand as Cacolac. Clearly meeting the taste expectations of the original beverage was vital. The development work we have undertaken with Cacolac is a good example of the range of services we can offer our customers, including consumer research, ingredient blending and assistance on nutrition labelling.”

The new cocoa drink will initially be available in selected supermarkets and “hypermarchés” in France, the national launch is planned to follow later this year. The customised ingredient blend is based on Milk Drink REBALANCE™ and includes SPLENDA® Sucralose, stabilisers from Cesalpinia Foods, and added fibre.

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