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Company News

Pumping Up Polyphenols
French grape polyphenol supplier Ferco Développement has stepped up production capacity and increased its colorant range with the recent acquisition of production plant Sefcal, a subsidiary of Chr Hansen, based in the Gard, France. Ferco Développement is the supplier of functional foods ingredient Grap'Active.

Rising Flavours
Symrise is a new flavour synergy now being marketed after the European Commission gave equity group EQT the go-ahead to buy two leading Germany-based fragrance and flavour producers— Dragoco and Haarmann & Reimer (the world's fifth largest flavours and fragrances maker)—from Bayer.

Dragoco CEO Horst-Otto Gerberding will head up Symrise while Haarmann & Reimer's president and CEO, Lambert Courth, will return to Bayer. The new company is set to have a market share of around 11 per cent of the $11 billion global market.

Botanical Marketing
Botanical Laboratories, a US manufacturer of oral and topical homeopathic, herbal and nutritional products, has named Kevin Cobb as director of marketing. He will be responsible for strategic business planning and new product planning. He was previously with Smucker Quality Beverages.

Key To Weight Loss
Minneapolis-based nutritional ingredients maker Humanetics says it has signed an agreement with supplements manufacturer NBTY to sell the Humanetics weight loss ingredient 7-Keto. NBTY will introduce Xtreme Trim 7-Keto Shaper in the Vitamin World chain and online as an ephedra alternative. Humanetics says two independent clinical trials showed 7-Keto produced three times more weight and fat loss than diet and exercise alone.

Forming One Source
Strategic marketer Jesse Lopez has partnered with Laurence W Zoeller, an experienced branding counselor, to form Source One Global in integrated sales and marketing, and health and nutrition solutions for the dietary supplements, foods, and animal nutrition markets.

Zoeller has been responsible for building brands, such as FloraGlo Lutein for Kemin Foods, the Indena Select herbal products, Your Life for Leiner Health Products, and Pycnogenol Maritime Pine Bark for Horphag Research.

Lopez has served as executive vice president of Natural Health Sciences (NHS), the North American arm of Horphag Research and led sales efforts at Cognis Nutrition and Health.

Paying Royalties
Makers and marketers of Tamanu, a new cosmetic oil, have established a program to pay a five per cent royalty to the natives of the South Pacific Republic of Vanuatu, where the product is produced. Tanamu is made and marketed by IBC Vanuatu and Medicine Hunter Inc of Massachusetts, and is sold throughout the US by Vermont-based New Chapter. Tamanu oil is pressed from the nuts of coastal tamanu trees (Calophyllum inophyllum) for new tissue formation and wound healing.

Marketing Berry Extracts
Swiss-based company Artemis Nutritionals Europe has named Dr Dino Gualteri as European product/ marketing manager in Italy, where the company specialises in the extraction of red and black berry fruits. Dr Gualteri has studied in Germany (Freiburg inn Br.), worked for six years as an apothecary and at Chiron Vaccines in Siena. Artemis focuses on the commercial applications of antioxidant, cardiovascular, blood vessel protection, anti-bacterial, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, blood glucose modifying, general immune enhancing and antimutagenic properties of these extracts.

Sanmark Certified
Swiss-based CQM, a member of the International Certification Network, has granted Sanmark of China an ISO 9001:2000 certification for its new specialty oil processing facility in the Dalian High-Tech Zone. The $2 million facility has been in operation since early 2002.

Sanmark is a manufacturer and supplier of nutritional oils and specialty lipids, including the oils of black currant, borage, evening primrose, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, perilla and conjugated linoleic acid. The new facility also houses its research laboratories, quality control laboratories and pilot plant.

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