Cutting-edge research

Rosell's probiotics for gut health
Institut Rosell-Lallemand presented results of two studies at the 4th Probiotics, Prebiotics & New Foods Congress in Rome. One study found its branded Lacidofil ([ital]L. plantarum 299v[end ital]) prevented neonatal intestinal infection in a mouse model. The second study highlighted the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of Lp299v in combination with rosehip drink in an animal model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Read the full article.

Unigen discovers new anti-inflammatories
Unigen Pharmaceuticals discovered and developed two botanicals, derived from the catechu tree and Chinese skullcap, and combined them in different formula ratios to offer efficacious anti-inflammatory effects. Read the full article.

ProAlgaZyme for cardio and glucose health
Health Enhancement Products had published results of a clinical trial involving its ProAlgaZyme product — a novel and proprietary freshwater algae infusion in purified water — in which consumption resulted in significant reductions in weight and blood glucose levels, while significantly improving serum lipid profiles and reducing markers of inflammation. Read the full article.

Jarrow's Bone-Up better for bones
Bone-Up produced significant changes in markers of bone degradation and synthesis as well as vitamin D status in young females. Read the full article.

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