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DSEA “Just Like Me” Marketing & Ad Campaign

First Ever Industry-backed Paid Advertising Initiative Set To Launch

After many months of preparation by the DSEA and a group of industry volunteers, the first ever paid media advertising campaign, funded by the dietary supplement industry, is about to launch. We want you to be part of this and be able to take advantage of the campaign for the benefit of your business and your industry!

Just as the popular “Got Milk” campaign helped a troubled industry reverse their fortunes, we are working toward accomplishing the same outcome for the Dietary Supplement industry. Indeed there are many things that we need to do as an industry and to be sure this is just a small start. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,” and here’s how you can participate.

“Just Like Me” is a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign that will include television, radio and print as well as many additional forms of effective marketing messages that will deliver a compelling story to the consumer. The strategy is designed to incentivize the consumer to go to their nutritional location of choice to purchase and use your products. Although the intent of the effort is primarily an industry-branding tactic, we have incorporated several marketing strategies that we believe all companies in the industry will want to consider for their own business development purposes. Here are some of the plans currently being implemented;

1. The TV commercial will air (in a test phase) within the time period of October and November. The three test cities for the TV commercial are: Hartford/New Haven, Green Bay and Jacksonville
2. Effectiveness of the commercial will be evaluated, adjustments made (if necessary) followed by the national roll out (based on industry funding).
3. The CTA (call to action) is designed to offer consumers $100.00 worth of valuable product or store coupons and to opt into a consumers’ club at
4. DSEA participants will be able to submit product coupons of their choice for the campaign.
5. We will roll out a full campaign for the health food stores as quickly as the tools are available. (This will bring all elements of the effort to national prominence sooner than later).
6. Major retailers and manufacturers from all channels are participating in this campaign.
7. DSEA contributors will be able to utilize the radio commercials, print ads and any other tools for their own tie-in campaign.
8. The entire consumer database will be shared with DSEA contributors for their own educational and marketing purposes.
9. October and November have been designated as National Roll Out for the health food channel.

The TV commercial will be tested for effectiveness by measuring the actual consumer take away at the store level. Several major mass-market retailers are participating by providing their POS data for this purpose. Health food stores nationally will be invited to provide off shelf space for manufacturers and run their own promotional efforts to coincide with the print and radio ads.

The “Just Like Me” campaign will aggressively market products and will benefit all of you as part of this industry. We are requesting your support with a small portion of your marketing dollars to help advance the cause and get our message to the public. This is not just a PR campaign intending to enhance the industry brand image; it is a targeted marketing effort designed to move your products.

For more information, please visit or contact Deb Knowles, DSEA Coordinator, at 941-349-9044 or [email protected] or Elliott Balbert at 818-292-1214 or [email protected].

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