EAS Launches Italy Office To Expand Relations With EFSA

EAS has set up a base in Italy to strengthen links with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) at its headquarters in Parma.

The Brussels-based company, which provides international expert regulatory advice on food and nutritional products, has taken the step to develop a sound platform for ongoing dialogue with EFSA on many of the issues that will define the future market for food companies.

“When considering expanding our expert team – nearly half of whom are scientists – it was logical for us to be closer to the scientific powerhouse of European legislation,” said Stefanie Geiser, Regulatory Affairs Manager of EAS in Italy. “We hope this base will facilitate closer cooperation between EFSA officials and our scientific regulatory team, especially in terms of dossier procedures and advice to businesses on improving the scientific quality of their dossiers on, for example, ingredients, additives and claims, on which we are working.”

EFSA holds a crucial role in the assessment of health claims evaluations and decisions on the approval of nutritional substances and novel food ingredients. Its advice is expected later this year on the development of health claims dossier guidelines and procedures, and the setting of nutrient profiles.

From its new base EAS also aims to strengthen its links with the Italian Ministry of Health, to assist businesses with regulatory product evaluations and notification procedures for the marketing of their food supplements, herbal products and fortified foods in Italy. The company provides businesses with assistance on dossier applications and guides them through the procedures for the approval of their health claims, nutritional and innovative food ingredients.

For further information on EAS in Italy contact Stefanie Geiser on tel: (+39) 0541 90 50 15 , fax: (+39) 0541 75 96 51, email [email protected].


EAS (European Advisory Services) specialises in European and international regulation on food and nutritional products, providing companies with regulatory and strategic advice for the marketing and approval of their products in Europe. EAS also advises governments, trade associations and companies on the impact of European and global policy.

EAS headquarters are at 50 Rue de l’Association, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, tel: (+32) (0)2 218 14 70, fax (+32) (0)2 219 73 42. Visit www.eas.eu for more information.

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