Fenchem opens Germany office

Fenchem opens Germany office

Formal operation of Fenchem Germany provides strong support for the company's European business.

At the beginning of 2013, Fenchem set up a new office in Koln, located in Matthias-Brüggen-Straße 124-170 50829 Koln, along with a warehouse. With an almost 10-month trial run, Fenchem Germany steps into formal operation with a local staff hired to cover finance, logistics, sales and administration, as well as the all-ready warehouse.

The formal operation of Fenchem Germany provides strong support for Fenchem’s European business. This is Fenchem’s fifth overseas office around the world. A key factor in establishing Fenchem Germany was the desire to better serve the increasing customer demand in this area, always guaranteeing fast delivery service to EU customers. Another important reason was the huge potential Fenchem sees in Germany market. Germany has a stable economic situation and there are lots of reliable business partners. Fenchem wants to further develop business relationship and grow with these partners by providing high-quality products and know-how solutions.


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