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Functional ingredients industry chatter

Vox populi
"Our food institutions are failing to give leadership. This means that NGOs and ordinary citizens must make their voices heard and hold politicians into account."

— Professor Tim Lang in The Ecologist

Truth in labelling
"The FDA will not tolerate unsubstantiated health claims that may mislead consumers. The FDA will pursue necessary legal action to make sure companies and their executives manufacture and distribute safe, truthfully labelled products to consumers."

— Margaret Glavin, the FDA associate commissioner for regulatory affairs

Truth in marketing
"Food manufacturers don't have to pass certain herb ingredients by the FDA, and so it's a buyer-beware situation. By marketing [an energy drink] as a drug alternative, the manufacturers were either in violation of selling an unapproved drug or they were using a misleading label to sell their product."

— Kentucky state Rep Danny Ford, who proposed a law to ban sale of energy drinks to minors

Choosing growth
"There's always the concern about losing quality in the translation, but Nestlé didn't get to be the biggest food and beverage company in the world without understanding what they're doing."

— Paul Coletta, vice president of marketing and brand development for Jamba Juice, on why it joined with Nestlé

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