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The Future of Wellness: What retailers can do about it

The Future of Wellness: What retailers can do about it
The Future of Wellness is back. We're presenting our second round of research into the state of health in our country—and what the natural products industry can do to improve it—at Natural Products Expo West 2012.

Last year, New Hope Natural Media introduced an inaugural piece of proprietary research called The Future of Wellness. For this research, we traveled the country interviewing people about what it means to be healthy.

We learned that people aren’t as healthy as they would like to be and that being healthy is not easy. Many barriers get in the way including time, money and lack of information. But people have the will and the want to be healthier, despite not knowing how to get there. They have good intentions, but good intentions easily get pushed aside.

This year, from this launch pad of information, we were able to take a closer look at the intentions of good health vs. reality and where and how consumer priorities shift. We met with people from Vancouver, Canada to Kyle, Texas, in their homes, their kitchens and in their local food stores.

We took a closer look at the challenges people face at retail, with marketing and product packaging, labels and information, and the overall food shopping experience. Hearing “I’m confused,” “desperate,” and “infuriated,” was a little unsettling, and yet, ripe with opportunity for manufacturers and retailers alike.

How to harness that opportunity is our task in the natural products industry. Please join us to explore the "Future of Wellness: Connecting with Shoppers In-home and In-store" on Friday, March 9 at 12:15 p.m. in the Anaheim Marriott Platinum Ballroom 7.

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