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Natural Foods Merchandiser

GE Update

Greenpeace Accuses Novartis Of Selling GM Baby Food
Greenpeace recently accused pharmaceutical giant Novartis of using GMOs in its baby food sold in the Philippines. Greenpeace said it had independent lab test results showing that between 34 percent and 66 percent of the Basel, Switzerland-based company's baby food products, sold in the Philippines by its subsidiary Gerber, contained genetically modified ingredients. In June,1999, Novartis had promised Greenpeace that it would not use GMOs in any of its baby food. Greenpeace said Novartis is selling the GM-laced baby food in the Philippines because its products are not scrutinized as closely in underdeveloped countries as they are in rich countries. Greenpeace staged a protest outside Novartis' Basel headquarters blocking the building entrance with hundreds of baby puppets holding signs with sayings such as "Novartis/Gerber, stop genetically modified babyfood!"

Immediately following the demonstration, Novartis told Greenpeace it would investigate the allegations and take appropriate actions.

Mais Non GMOs
French protesters recently destroyed more genetically modified test crops. On Aug. 26, several hundred protesters armed with scythes and clippers, uprooted two fields planted by Monsanto in the towns of Cleon D'Adran and Salettes. Earlier in the week, about 100 French protesters destroyed 1,000 square meters of GM maize in the town of Beaucaire. The protesters—both farmers and consumers—dumped the corn in front of local government offices to draw attention to their plea that all GMO trials be stopped. The Confederation Paysanne (Farmer's Confederation), the group that organized the protests, said it warned of its intended actions regarding the GM plots it said were planted by Monsanto as test crops. The group said it knew about the test crops, of which there are roughly 100 in France, because the Ministry of Agriculture has been forced to make the information public.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXII/number 10/p. 14

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