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GrandyOats Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Innovative Packaging & a New Organic Granola

Thirty years is a long time to be in business, so GrandyOats Granola decided that they needed to do something special and groundbreaking to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Since 1979, GrandyOats ( has proudly made traditional granola cereals by hand in small batches, using only the highest quality organic ingredients. The only maker of a complete line of 100% organic granolas that are available nationwide has announced a granola packaging innovation that is sure to gain the appreciation of their customers and store managers alike. GrandyOats is thinking “outside the box” (and bag) by replacing their plastic pouch packaging for their entire line of organic granolas with a more eco-friendly yogurt-cup style container.

There are many functional, green and marketing advantages to the new cup style packaging that inspired the change. The new GrandyOats granola cup is made from BPA-free plastic, it is reusable and dishwasher safe, and it is made from #5 plastic – which research has shown to be the most environmentally-friendly plastic because it is lighter weight but has the same structural integrity of other heavier materials. From a waste management perspective, the cup is commonly recyclable in many regions of the nation, and even where it is not you can recycle them at Whole Foods Markets around the country in their recycling bins. Since it has a lid to seal in freshness, it can be reused for a myriad of reuses including stowing left-overs, or for refilling with other bulk GrandyOats products.

“We really like the concept of reusable and recyclable packaging,” says Chief Granola Officer Aaron Anker. “It is a bit more expensive, but we feel it is a higher quality container and since we are the only all-organic granola company out there it helps our high-quality products to stand-out from the rest of the granola brands,” notes Anker.

It is more than just a green innovation. “Our initial testing showed that the package helped maintain product freshness longer, and we found that it is convenient and more comfortable for customers to snack from this style of container,” says Anker. “We also like that our new packaging is easier for retailers to merchandise,” says Anker. “Retailers are not keen on the stand-up pouch that most granola companies are using because they are hard to organize, they tend to tip over and they are more difficult to rotate stock,” he adds. “We also hope that some retailers will cross-promote this common yogurt companion by merchandising it in the yogurt section.”

Sales of GrandyOats’ organic granola are soaring now that the low-carb diet fad has crashed and burned and nutrition experts and government guidelines are advising Americans to eat more healthy whole grains. GrandyOats is proud to be a leader of “the whole grainaissance.” Since 1979, they have micro-baked their traditional granola cereals in small batches using only the finest ingredients. GrandyOats’ dedication to sustainable agriculture is evident, since they have emerged as the nation’s only maker of a complete line of 100% organic granolas that are available nationwide.

New Organic Goji Agave Granola

GrandyOats is also celebrating their 30th Anniversary with the launch of a delicious new packaged product: Goji Agave Granola. This new organic granola features 27g of whole grains per serving and is sweetened with low-glycemic organic agave nectar and blueberry juice. The food science “magic” of agave is that it is a robust natural sweetener comprised primarily of fructose. Therefore, it is sweeter to the taste buds, yet it does not adversely impact blood glucose and insulin. So, while it is a delightful sweetener for everyone, it is ideal for the millions of diabetics in America and parents of hyperactive children that have concerns regarding glycemic levels in their food. Goji Agave Granola contains an abundance of fruit including Goji Berries, Cranberries and Jumbo Raisins. Goji berries are among the hottest “superfoods” in the marketplace right now, in large part because they are one of the highest known sources of antioxidants and they contain 18 amino acids and all of the essential amino acids.

Perfect as a healthy snack or as a crunchy breakfast cereal served with any variety of milk (including non-dairy), Goji Agave Granola is also recommended as a crunchy topping for yogurt, ice cream and fruit. The suggested retail price for a 13-ounce container is $4.99. In addition to featuring nutritious and healthy goji berries and agave nectar, the kosher Goji Agave Granola also contains a delicious organic blend of oats, sunflower seeds, oat bran, pumpkin seeds, jumbo raisins, sesame seeds, unsweetened coconut, dried sweetened cranberries, vanilla, blueberry juice concentrate and sea salt.

Nestled at the foot of New England’s White Mountains, GrandyOats is housed in a newly restored turn-of-the-century barn surrounded by forests, swift running rivers and breath taking hikes. This is the perfect setting to create healthy, handmade granola. Since 1979, GrandyOats has proudly made traditional granola cereals by hand in small batches, using only the highest quality organic ingredients. GrandyOats is a true “crunchy” company that “walks the talk” one organic step at a time. GrandyOats’ packaged granola line now consists of 4 unique varieties: Classic, Low Fat Cranberry Chew, Mainely Maple, and the new Goji Agave. GrandyOats offers additional granola varieties in bulk, as well as a full line of Organic Trail Mixes and roasted nuts. Products are available in stores from coast-to-coast including Whole Foods Markets. For more information, please visit

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