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Hampton Creek raises another $23 million, CEO to keynote NEXT Innovation Summit

Hampton Creek raises another $23 million, CEO to keynote NEXT Innovation Summit
With support from the two wealthiest men in the United States and Asia, Hampton Creek is making heads turn in the nutrition business world and beyond. Plus, CEO Josh Tetrick will give the keynote address at the 2014 NEXT Innovation Summit next month. 

The news at Hampton Creek Foods just keeps getting better. As one of three companies identified by Bill Gates as the future of food, Hampton Creek just closed its Series B round of financing at $23 million with Horizons Ventures as lead investor. For those who don't recognize Horizons or its chairman, Li Ka-shing, just take note that Hampton Creek can now count the wealthiest men in both America and Asia as supporters.

Hampton Creek may be the boldest and most resonant of the food innovations coming out of Silicon Valley these days. The company seeks to remove the battery-caged egg from our food supply, producing plant-based egg-substitutes sustainably and at lower price points than those offered by the dark machinations of industrialized agriculture.

This quick blog by CEO Josh Tetrick speaks volumes about the new thinking afoot in food tech, thinking with the potential to reframe much of the debate around natural products that stalls with charges of elitism and lack of access.

What does all this attention on high innovation and sustainability mean for the natural products industry? Come find out on March 5 & 6 at the NEXT Innovation Summit, formerly known as Nutracon. Josh Tetrick will give the closing keynote after two days of big ideas and their practical application in an industry faced with intense consumer demands and daunting societal challenges.

For more on the Series B round, see this post at Fortune.

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