Healthy Living Channel Debuts Alternative Medicine TV Series

DENVER, Feb 22, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Healthy Living Channel announced today it is adding to its line-up the widely popular "Nutritional Living with Dr. Ward Bond," a half-hour daily television series dedicated to nutrition, herbal medicine and alternative therapies designed for viewers seeking healthier lives.

"Nutritional Living with Dr. Ward Bond" airs weekdays at noon ET on the Healthy Living Channel, which is distributed through satellite and cable TV in the United States. The Healthy Living Channel is owned by The Networks Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Media Group (TMG), a leading provider of interactive and transactional programming and advertising for television.

"The goal of 'Nutritional Living' is to educate people about the marriage of alternative and conventional medicine, and the Healthy Living Channel is the ideal vehicle for reaching viewers interested in improving their health," said Dr. Bond. "After centuries of being in the shadows, alternative medicine is popular again and for a good reason: people who subscribe to it are living longer and better."

Dr. Bond, a prominent American authority on alternative medicines, is widely known for his writings, lectures and TV and radio appearances. He holds a doctorate degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and has formulated many widely recognized products for the natural supplement industry.

Healthy Living Channel programs are designed to be informational and entertaining to motivate viewers to transact with its show experts.

"The Healthy Living Channel connects viewers with marketers of organic products, alternative medicines and natural health solutions who present unique offers and on-air purchase opportunities," said Wendy Borow-Johnson, president of The Healthy Living Channel. "We're pleased to bring our viewers 'Nutritional Living with Dr. Ward Bond,' offering expert advice and product information that complements our extensive line-up of health, wellness and fitness shows."

"The Healthy Living Channel is an important resource for a community of viewers who share the same interest in becoming more informed about health, fitness and relationships," said Gary Turner, CEO and chairman of TMG, formerly known as Turner Media Group.

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About The Networks Group (TMG)
The Networks Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Media Group (TMG), which provides interactive TV advertising, direct response programming and transactional TV. TMG represents advertising media in various formats on The Men's Channel, Men's Outdoors & Recreation, Healthy Living Channel, Beauty & Fashion Channel, Resort and Residence, iDrive, America's Preview, The Water Channel and iShop TV. Comprised of three divisions, The Ad Group, The iTV Group and The Networks Group, TMG reaches an aggregate of more than 100 million homes nationwide through direct broadcast satellite and most major cable TV distributors. Visit

About Dr. Ward Bond
Dr. Bond is the author of several books, including "Dr. Ward Bond's Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant Guide," and "Dr. Ward Bond's Natural Guide to Better Sex: How prosexual nutrition can help you love better and longer." He will soon publish "The Healing Fields" and "10 Steps to Nutritional Living." For more on Dr. Bond's program, visit

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