HerbaKraft Starts Sixth Year in 2010 with New Marketing Initiatives

(PISCATAWAY, NJ) February 10, 2009 – HerbaKraft Inc., one of the leading Indian materials suppliers and the trusted source for unmatched quality, service and pricing of premium-quality nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals and fibers that exceed U.S. cGMP standards, has announced it is developing new corporate marketing initiatives for 2010.

HerbaKraft, who is starting off the year in February with a breakfast sponsorship at Focus on the Future in Scottsdale, AZ, will also redesign and update its corporate Web site, develop a new ad campaign scheduled to run in several nutraceutical trade publications and a public relations program designed to expose the company’s dietary supplement ingredient expertise.

Within the past year, HerbaKraft, the Piscataway, NJ-based firm, added several new ingredients to its product line, including green coffee bean extract. HerbaKraft Green Coffee Bean Extract is a proprietary extract of unroasted coffee beans that has been selectively extracted to concentrate the level of chlorogenic acid to 50%, while containing no more than 5% caffeine, maintaining the synergistic action of both constituents. With an ORAC value greater than 6500 µmoleTE/g, it offers consumers a double value of visceral fat reduction plus antioxidant protection.

Also in 2009, HerbaKraft began offering an extensive line of certified organic materials. In its efforts to benefit the well-being of the environment, its customers and consumers, HerbaKraft offers materials that are organically cultivated, collected and produced in accordance with USDA and NOP certification standards.
HerbaKraft supports the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional foods industry by offering third party lab testing upon request.

“It is our policy to provide full analyses for all HerbaKraft materials immediately after manufacture,” said Vinod Khanijow, executive vice president. “We want to assure the highest quality at

all times to our customers by providing another round of testing including microbial limit tests, microbial enumeration, heavy metals analysis, active assay by HPLC, UV and Titration and scavenging capability to determine ORAC value,” Khanijow adds.

“Our mission at HerbaKraft is to promote health, beauty and long life by offering the highest quality, lab-validated raw materials for dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals and functional foods,” says Khanijow. “HerbaKraft offers competitive prices supported by unparalleled service and its strict cGMP compliant materials program for back traceability.”
HerbaKraft maintains 100% control over its entire manufacturing process at its manufacturing facility in India, thus allowing the company to produce materials that meet strict quality standards. Through exclusive alliances with other manufacturing partners, HerbaKraft offers a wide range of unique proprietary products.
For more information contact Jaleah Hawkins at 732.463.1000 or by email at [email protected]. The Web site is www.HerbKraft.com.

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