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iDomains launches .ORGANIC

iDomains launches .ORGANIC
Leading organic producers and organizations have registered their .ORGANIC web addresses, available only to qualified organic companies.

The new top-level domain .ORGANIC is now open for registration by all bona fide organic community members. iDomains, a full-service registrar, is waiving the first year registration fee for customers who register for their .ORGANIC web addresses before Nov. 30, 2014.

Available only to companies and organizations that are certified or otherwise meet stringent eligibility requirements, .ORGANIC has already attracted many name-brands including:

  •,,,,,, and more
  • Industry organizations, including,, and more

To stand out as the “real deal” in the organic community, many companies have quickly registered memorable names to which their target customers can easily relate. For example, Alpine Valley Breads has registered Other web addresses recently registered include:;,,,

Exclusive marketing opportunity
Today, consumers have learned to trust certified organic products and services. But there is no easy way to find and identify these providers online.

At the same time, organic product and service providers cannot easily break through the clutter of businesses branded as “healthy” or “natural” and stand apart as the real organic players. In the traditional online world of .COM, any company can get a web address and claim they are organic, as there is no verification process.

.ORGANIC brings the much needed clarity and differentiation to the organic community. Every applicant for a .ORGANIC name is verified before being allowed to use the name. That means when consumers come to a site with a .ORGANIC address, they can trust its authenticity, lending the organic brand a significant marketplace advantage.

“.ORGANIC will soon become a new standard in the organic industry,” said Keith Lubsen, CEO of iDomains. “Consumers will turn to the .ORGANIC domain to help them identify who’s truly organic. Authentic members of the organic community will simply be expected to be on this domain. That’s why it’s important that they register for the domain names that work best for their business now before they are all taken.”

iDomains waives .ORGANIC first-year domain registration fee
iDomains is making it easy for qualified businesses and organizations to get started with .ORGANIC web addresses. Visit the iDomains web site ( and click on the “Request a Free .ORGANIC web site” button to obtain a coupon code. Customers registering their .ORGANIC domain name with the coupon code before Nov. 30, 2014, will have their domain registration fee (normally US$79) waived for the first year.

Who’s eligible for a .ORGANIC web address?
Web addresses using .ORGANIC are only available to verifiably organic farmers, producers, manufacturers, co-packers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and official organic certifiers. Eligibility also extends to other organic-oriented entities such as restaurants, media, and trade and consumer organizations that may not be certified but can meet special .ORGANIC criteria tailored to their role in the community. Eligible companies include:

  • Certified organic producers, farmers, distributors, retailers, etc.
  • Certified organic textile and skincare providers
  • Organic restaurants and venues
  • Certifiers in the organic community
  • Publications, journalists and bloggers dedicated to organic
  • Non-profit organizations and trade associations that primarily serve and represent the organic community

The complete eligibility requirements are available on the registry’s .ORGANIC website.

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