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Industry gives to tsunami survivors

Vitamin Angel Alliance is asking the natural products industry to donate adult and children?s vitamins to the victims of the tsunamis in Southeast Asia. Vitamin Angel Alliance, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based nonprofit organization, has been providing nutritional supplements to at-risk communities around the world since 1994.

Vitamin Angel Alliance, working in partnership with Direct Relief International, a disaster relief and medical assistance organization, is hoping the vitamin donations will help stave off malnutrition and lessen the likelihood of epidemics and disease. Their goal is to ship 20 million multiple vitamins to the affected areas.

?We?re talking with medical personnel in the region who are asking for children?s liquid multiple vitamins and children?s chewable multis to help the children who were affected by this disaster,? said Vitamin Angel Alliance President Howard B. Schiffer. ?Initial word is that supplements are going to be critically needed for the foreseeable future and in large supplies. We have heard that opportunistic infections could compound this tragedy unless we can get multivitamins to the large numbers of survivors and soon.?

In the two weeks following the disaster, Vitamin Angel received 3,546,110 multivitamins and pledges for another two million to three million vitamins. The organization is about one-quarter of the way to its goal of 20 million multis.

The following companies donated multivitamins: Advocare Int?l., Earthworks Int?l., Edward & Sons, Evergreen Nutritionals, FDC Vitamins, Florida Supplement Co., Healthquest, Herbally Yours, Hero Nutritional Products, Manna Relief, Mason Vitamins, Mead Johnson, Natural Factors, NOW Foods, Pacific Int?l., Pharmachem, Pharmline, Rainbow Light, Tishcon, Veritol, Vitaquest Int?l. and Windmill Vitamins. Some of the companies set up special production runs of the supplements.

Additional naturals manufacturers donated other products. Hansen Beverage Co. provided 85,000 units of juice, and Solo GI nutrition contributed nutrition bars.

Retailers, including Natural Select Foods of Helena, Mont., and Fruitful Yield of Chicago, are also making contributions.

?If every retailer donated 12 bottles of 180-count adult multis and 12 bottles of children?s chewables, we could easily meet our goal,? Schiffer said.

To make a vitamin or cash donation, visit

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVI/number 2/p. 7

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