Ito En Launches FOSHU Hot PET Bottle Beverage, “Hiki Shimatta Aji Catechin Ryokucha”

On 24 November, Ito En Ltd. will launch “Hiki Shimatta Aji Catechin Ryokucha (Clear-Flavored Catechin Green Tea)” FOSHU hot PET bottle beverage. The tea catechin contained in the product reduces the absorption of cholesterol, thus reducing serum cholesterol. Ito En has used its excellence in tea beverages to create a beverage with good drinkability and a flavor that goes well with any type of food, and supplied it in a hot PET bottle form for the colder months ahead. In introducing this product in a hot bottle, the company has also aimed at a wider effect on the beverage scene in general. The company has enhanced its deoxidation process, reducing the amount of oxygen in the beverage and thus keeping the heated product fresh for longer.

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