Kicx Nutrition Announces NuHemp MSM Soothing Gel

Guelph, Ontario (September 21, 2006) –KicX Nutrition has launched an innovative topical gel for pets that combines the pain-relieving and therapeutic benefits of MSM with skin enhancing hemp seed oil. NuHemp MSM Soothing Gel is formulated to meet the performance needs of the equine industry, and is also recommended for dogs and cats that suffer from pain and stiffness due to advanced age and injury-related joint problems.

NuHemp MSM Soothing Gel provides fast relief for sore muscles and aching joints, and is beneficial toward reducing any inflammation near the skin’s surface. In addition to its tissue repair and pain relief qualities, this non-toxic product is a healthy tonic for the skin. NuHemp MSM Soothing Gel is ideal for helping to heal scars and closed wounds, and for soothing abrasions, chafes and dry spots.

Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) is a rich source of organic sulphur that is essential for the proper functioning of connective tissues and it supports healthy joint function by helping to maintain joint fluid and cartilage. Sulphur is a naturally occurring substance needed to form blood proteins and amino acids. In particular, MSM supports the formation of important “collagen” protein tissue. MSM is also one of the best natural pain relievers. Hemp seed oil is one of the world’s richest sources of polyunsaturated “good” fats, including omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids and GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Body care products containing hemp seed oil are known to reduce skin discomfort by soothing and restoring dry or damaged skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and emollient and it is also high in vitamin E which is well-known for its skin-enhancing properties.

For best results, the colorless, non-staining gel should be massaged directly onto the skin of the horse or pet in the area needing relief or therapy. NuHemp MSM Soothing Gel should be applied daily as part of a joint regenerative, anti-inflammatory and preventive program. This offering from KicX Nutrition ( includes a convenient 85 ml stick (MSRP – $8.99), a 500 ml bottle ($14.99), a 1L bottle ($24.99) and a 4L bottle ($79.99). NuHemp MSM Soothing Gel is made with human-grade ingredients, and is free of fragrances, artificial colors and animal by-products. The safe, water-based gel absorbs rapidly and has a non-greasy formula that is easy to apply. Unlike other topical analgesic products that can be offensive to the nose, this gel is pleasantly odourless.

In addition to the new MSM Soothing Gel, the NuHemp portfolio of natural pet products includes cutting-edge nutraceuticals that provide pets the nutrients they need to support health, vitality and longevity, including: gourmet Omega Sauces; 2-Chomp Munchies; PrOmega Powder; PAWZitive Therapy Conditioning & Protection Stick; and NuHemp Botanicals Shampoos & Conditioners. The common foundation for all of the NuHemp products is the synergistic formulation of hemp, all-natural holistic ingredients and nutraceuticals (MSM, FortiFeedTM and BioMOSTM). “NuHemp's therapeutic gourmet functional foods, supplements and grooming products help provide pets with the essentials for a long, happy and healthy life," says Doug Daymond, President of KicX Nutrition, Inc. The company will be introducing new MSM products and equine health and grooming products in 2007.

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