LycoRed Launches Vitamin B12 Line at Vitafoods

LycoRed Ltd.’s European launch of a comprehensive line of vitamin B12 formulations will take place at Vitafoods International in Geneva this May. The new line includes vitamin B12 formulated on a variety of carriers and with concentrations of 0.1%, 1% and 5%. After acquiring H. Reisman Corporation, LycoRed has become the leading formulator of vitamin B12 in the U.S.

Manufacturers face two main challenges when using vitamin B12: stability and uniform distribution. LycoRed's highly stable vitamin B12 1% Stablets(R) provides a solution to both of these challenges. The vitamin B12 in the Stablets(R) formulation is chemically bonded to a pharmaceutical ion exchange resin providing enhanced stability. This protects the B12 from pro-oxidants and from cross-interactions that could potentially degrade the vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 is not released from the resin until it enters the digestive tract where it is made available for absorption by the body. The vitamin B12 is uniformly distributed in the resin at 1% concentration. This concentration is perfectly suited for dosage formulation and ideal for multivitamin formulations. This formulation can be used in tablets and hard shell as well as softgel capsules.

"The European market expects vitamin B12 formulations that address specific problems", explains Udi Alroy, Marketing Director at LycoRed. "We are prepared to penetrate the European market with our full line of B12. The center piece of the line is vitamin B12 Stablets, a well known patented product purchased by LycoRed from Pfizer a few years ago. It is highly stable, prevents cross interaction and is therefore, ideal for multivitamin formulations.”

Other high-value formulations include triturations on carriers of di-calcium phosphate, mannitol and maltodextrin. By using proprietary technology, LycoRed is able to manufacture a highly homogenous trituration which helps ensure uniform distribution. Vitamin B12 on di-calcium phosphate is used mainly by tablet manufacturers. The mannitol and maltodextrin formulations are water soluble. These triturations are available in 0.1%, 1% and 5% concentrations. All of the vitamin B12 formulations are non-GMO, allergen-free, halal, kosher and vegetarian

LycoRed works closely with their customers to successfully develop innovative nutritional products. LycoRed's creative fortification solutions simplify the development and production of cutting-edge food, beverage and nutritional supplement products. Partnership and support through all the stages of product development allow the customer to benefit from LycoRed's expertise and creativity. Lycored's main expertise lies in the production, and formulation of natural carotenoids including lycopene, lutein, beta carotene, phytoene and phytofluene, as well as natural colorants, premix and microencapsulated ingredients.

Vitafoods Stand no. 453
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