Marco Hi-Tech and AquaNOVA announce partnership to market AquaNOVA’s micellized, highly bioavailable ingredients.

Marco Hi-Tech JV LLC based in New York City will feature Germany based AquaNOVA’s innovative NovaSOL® micellation technology and its high absorption ingredients at the upcoming Supplyside West trade show in Las Vegas.

AquaNOVA’s patented NovaSOL® Technology involves the micellation and solubilization of actives which leads to nano-sized particles called Product Mi-celles. These Product Micelles, just about 30 nm small, are neither hydrophilic nor lipophilic but are amphiphilic, which means they are soluble in both water and lipids. They are nano-sized carriers for active ingredients and duplicate the micelles that are physiologically formed in the small intestine prior to absorption of fat soluble nutrients. Therefore, the NovaSOL® process can be considered a simulated digestion process. NovaSOL® products are “predigested” active in-gredients. This allows for a much faster and efficient absorption.

The Product Micelles are extremely pH-stable and pass through the stomach without being affected by the gastric pH of ~1. At the site of absorption in the small intestinal wall, the active is released from the micelle. The biological release mechanism for the NovaSOL® is the same as the physiological nutrient micelles.

The NovaSOL® technology yields liquid formulations of active ingredients, which allows for direct encapsulation without any additional excipients; overage and/or pre-production processing.

AquaNOVA’s NovaSOL® ingredient formulations offer a wide array of practical advantages for the Dietary Supplement; Beverage; Functional Food and Cosmetic industries i.e.:

 Strongly enhanced systemic absorption (bioavailability)
 Can be directly encapsulated. Do not need additional excipients; overage or pre-production processes
 Soluble in both aqueous and lipid systems
 Yield crystal clear solutions, e.g. in functional beverages or liquid supple-ments
 Clear Dissolution profile
 Optimal and homogenous distribution in the final product
 High stability against heat, shear and pH

AquaNOVA, through Marco Hi-Tech, supplies liquid bulk formulations or bulk soft gels or packaged soft gels. In addition to its standard product range
AquaNOVA offers contract formulation, development and manufacturing of custom-made ingredient solubilisates.

At the SSW Trade Show, branded manufacturers looking to create better absorb-able products should focus particular emphasis on NovaSOL® Q, a patented water-soluble and highly bioavailable CoQ10 formulation for either soft gels or liquid supplements. The superior bioavailability (330% of conventional CoQ10) has been proven in the largest human bioavailability study so far conducted with CoQ10.

NovaSOL® Lipoic, a water soluble and highly bioavailable α-lipoic acid, and NovaSOL® SUSTAIN, a patented micellized and clinically proven weight loss and weight management ingredient will be featured as well.

AquaNOVA and Marco Hi-Tech are convinced that the bioavailability of dietary ingredients will enjoy increasing importance and significance in the dietary sup-plement industry as more and more consumers are educated and understand that only an active that is sufficiently absorbed in the body will achieve the de-sired results or efficacy.

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