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Merchandising Director

New Seasons Market, a progressive grocery store chain with 9 stores in the Portland area is seeking a friendly, outgoing, customer service oriented person to become our Merchandising Director. The overall purpose of the Merchandising Director is to maximize sales and increase sales volume through supporting each Merchandiser, and each Store Manager and Department Manager, to most effectively merchandise and sell every product offered for purchase to customers of New Seasons Market. This person will be responsible for promoting the education of managers and staff throughout the company so that we provide the education and information our customers need to make their most satisfying purchases at all our stores. This person will also develop and maintain working relationships with New Seasons Market’s vendors and other local merchants.

Job Functions:

Manager for Merchandisers: The Merchandising Director is responsible for managing the overall work of each Merchandiser at New Seasons Market. This includes grocery, produce, meat/seafood, food service, wine/beer, home goods, cheese, demo, bakery, floral, and wellness. The Merchandising Director will continually review and encourage best buying practices among the Merchandisers.

Member of the Operations Team: The Merchandising Director serves as a member of the core operations team with the two Operations Managers. This team of three is responsible to the COO/President of New Seasons Market for overall management of the company’s core business.

Leader for Planning and Assessment of Merchandising Strategy: The Merchandising Director serves as the internal expert for merchandising strategy and leads the assessment of the effectiveness of the company’s ongoing merchandising efforts. You will also work closely with the Marketing Director so that merchandising and marketing efforts are consistent in approach and maximize sales outcomes.

Visual Displays/Placement of Products/Volume of Stock: The Merchandising Director is responsible at a whole company level for overseeing that proper levels of stock are maintained, and that the merchandise is displayed appropriately with proper signage and favorable placement.

Education: The Merchandising Director will lead the effort to educate and train staff in the key elements to merchandising success. Maintaining a good rapport with staff at all levels is essential, and having effective communication with both staff and customers is critical to success.

Forecasting, Budgeting, Monitoring: Responsible for forecasting profits and sales, optimizing the sales volume and profitability of designated product areas; planning budgets and presenting sales forecasts and figures for new ranges. Oversees whole company sales volume, analyzes overall inventory levels, and participates with Marketing in the maintenance of in-store promotional materials.

Qualifications and Experience

The successful candidate will have demonstrated capacity to communicate and work effectively with all levels of staff and managers. Prior experience (of at least 7 years) with maintaining customer and vendor relations is required. Must have working knowledge of category management principles, planogramming/schematic and sku rationalization experience. Previous experience using KSS Price Optimization or similar system is a plus. A demonstrated ability to influence decision-makers is also essential. A high level of computer/software proficiency and knowledge of software programs used in merchandising is necessary, along with the ability to design and utilize Excel spreadsheets and use specialty software. A college degree is desired, preferably in retailing, marketing, or business but other degrees are acceptable, if an applicant has at least 10 years of experience in merchandising, most of which is based in retail grocery.

Please mail your résumé including salary history by April 8, 2010 to:

Attn: Merchandising Director position

New Seasons Market

2004 N Vancouver Ave

Portland, OR 97227

Web address:

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