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National Bioscience Introduces Superior Greenhouse Cultivated Rhodiola rosea Extract

Secure, high quality raw material source is water-extracted, freeze-dried

Over the last ten years, the introduction of Siberian Rhodiola rosea standardized extract into the U.S. dietary supplement market has led to heightened demand for raw Rhodiola rosea root while at the same time, the supply of imported wild-crafted raw material is now insufficient to support this rapidly expanding demand. Moreover, governments in Siberia and Northern China are now placing serious restrictions on the harvest of wild Rhodiola rosea plant. Currently the limited wild harvest of Rhodiola rosea is permitted only with special license issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Predictably, this growing demand for Rhodiola rosea extract is accompanied with a significant and disappointing decline in quality and efficacy of the Rhodiola rosea extract now being used in many products, a situation all too familiar in the North American marketplace. This situation provides motivation for economic adulteration and the opportunity for products with little to no efficacy to enter the market to satisfy short term windfall profit objectives.

Independent rosavin assays of a variety of “new Rhodiola rosea” products reveal that the inappropriate substitution/adulteration of Rhodiola sacra or Pseudo-Rhodiola with inferior pharmacological activity is becoming more and more common. This substitution goes generally unnoticed because of a lack of well-funded, industry-wide promotion and active consumer education about the critical need for verifiable identification of true Rhodiola rosea product to ensure its clinical efficacy.

Recognizing the impact of this environment, not only concerning Rhodiola products, but also botanical credibility in general, and to satisfy the increasing demand for pharmacologically active true Rhodiola rosea, National Bioscience Corporation is pleased to introduce a revolutionary technology of intensive Rhodiola rosea cultivation using ecologically friendly and economically superior modern agricultural technology. The company's new greenhouse farming cultivation guarantees the steady supply of quality Rhodiola rosea all year around, and decreases the threat of this valuable plant's extinction from excessive wild crafting. It allows both a high yield and a high quality crop, with no possibility of adulteration. The company's estimated production of cultivated Rhodiola rosea for year 2005-2007 is approximately 40,000 kg, which represents ¾ of the existing world supply.

National Bioscience Corporation President Zakir Ramazanov has been involved in Rhodiola research and applications since 1979 and in fact was previously Senior Scientist, Chairman of Biotechnology Department, KA. Timiriazev Institute of Plant Physiology, the USSRAcademy of Science. Phytopharmacology of Rhodiola rosea for Space Programs. "Our current research results indicate that the greenhouse cultivated Rhodiola rosea contain all key active compounds that are 20-30% higher than the levels found in wild-crafted plants, and free of pesticides-herbicides, heavy metals and other residues of environmental and modern agricultural “revolution”, observes Dr. Ramazanov. "We have the opportunity to bring to the marketplace a high quality extract derived from the first greenhouse cultivated Siberian golden root-Rhodiola rosea. This product is water extracted freeze dried Rhodiola rosea extract, which has been shown to be consistently more efficacious than a spray-dried extract."

National Bioscience Corporation, in collaboration with Russian and Spanish researchers have introduced organic-solvent free water extracted freeze dried Rhodiola rosea extract derived from the first greenhouse cultivated Siberian golden root-Rhodiola rosea. Studies provide convincing evidence that the freeze-dried Rhodiola rosea extract demonstrates a

two-fold advantage in prolonging physical exertion in rats, compared to the spray-dried form, both in the initial swim test and in recovery capacity for the second swim test.

"We are excited about what this means for Rhodiola consumers and all those supporting quality and efficacy of botanical ingredients. We are convinced that our approach will enhance the confidence of both the public and the government and in a renewed professional integrity that is the only path of enduring prosperity open to the US dietary supplement industry that makes any long-term sense," concludes Dr. Ramazanov.

About National Bioscience Corporation:

National Bioscience Corporation is a leader in the introduction and supply of true phytotherapeutic-grade Rhodiola rosea extract. It is also the source of other important recent innovations in applied phytotherapeutics in the US nutraceutical market. It develops and supplies high value-added botanical ingredients, primarily in the form of standardized extracts, and continues to create significant opportunities for fundamental nutraceutical and phytotherapeutic innovation.

About Dr. Zakir Ramazanov:

Dr. Ramazanov, formerly a Soviet soldier in Afghanistan where he first discovered Rhodiola rosea (, 2003) is well known for his work in space biology, the cultivation of photosynthetic organisms in space stations, and the development of marine natural products from sea vegetables. He is also the author of a total of 158 publications, six patents and over fifty international invited presentations. Publications involving R. rosea include:

Ramazanov Zakir (1990). Phytochemistry of Rhodiola rosea: comparative analysis of cultivated and wild crafted golden root

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Ramazanov et al. (2005) Freeze-dried Rhodiola rosea extract demonstrates a two-fold advantage in prolonging physical exertion in rats, compared to the spray-dried form. Russian Medical Journal Remedium, 2005, November 29.

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