New license agreement with Fonterra fortifies Danisco probiotics

Paris, February 15th, 2008: Danisco has attained long-term access to two highly documented probiotic strains in a new license agreement with Fonterra. The agreement also marks Danisco’s launch of the strains, marketed as HOWARU™ Bifido and HOWARU™ Rhamnosus, on the dietary supplement market.

Scott Bush, Vice-President of Danisco’s Dairy Supplements Business Unit, welcomes the renewed opportunity to supply the probiotics for many years ahead and looks forward to a stronger development partnership between Danisco and Fonterra.
“HOWARU™ Bifido and Rhamnosus offer our customers a unique competitive advantage as they make it possible to market products with proven benefits,” Bush says.

“Health professionals, regulatory authorities and consumers are increasingly aware that probiotic health benefits are strain-specific. More and more they require that these benefits be demonstrated in human clinical studies. Yet some probiotic products on the market still contain strains that have little or no documentation of health benefits in human clinical studies. For the HOWARU™ strains, we have such evidence of efficacy.”

Clinically proven
Key products in Danisco’s leading range of premium probiotic cultures, HOWARU™ Bifido and HOWARU™ Rhamnosus are clinically proven to strengthen the human digestive and immune systems. Since 2001, when Fonterra first granted marketing and selling rights to Danisco, the strains have been successfully applied in a wide range of applications with strong health benefit statements.

As human clinical studies continue to provide more evidence of the strains’ health benefits, the global market for probiotics is experiencing annual growth of around 10%– with the growth rate in North America currently at 20%. It is against this positive backdrop that Danisco has chosen to launch HOWARU™ Bifido and HOWARU™ Rhamnosus on the dietary supplement market. Here, Young Living Essential Oils, the world-leading essential oils supplier, has become the first customer, applying them in its high-potency probiotic supplement, Life 5™.

In addition to dairy products and supplements, HOWARU™ probiotics are effective in bars, juice, spreads, confectionery products, ice cream and other food applications.

Fonterra confident
Fonterra originally isolated the strains in 1997 and has conducted extensive research into their health benefits, including the first large-scale clinical studies. Nigel Little, New Options Manager at Fonterra, is confident that Danisco is the right company to market and sell these strains.

“Danisco’s leading position within the cultures industry and the sustained growth of its probiotic business demonstrate the necessary drive to maximize the potential of these two strains - and ensure consumers rich opportunities to enjoy the benefits they can provide in a broad range of food and dietary supplement products,” he says.


For more information, please contact :

Nathalie Brosse ( +33 1 56 60 47 26

About Danisco
With 9,700 employees in more than 40 countries, Danisco is one of the world's leading suppliers of food ingredients, sugar and industrial bioproducts. Based on our technology platform, we use nature's own raw materials and resources to develop and produce ingredients for food and other products used in everyday life. Danisco ingredients are used in about every second ice cream and cheese, every third box of detergent and every fourth loaf of bread produced by industries worldwide. Danisco ingredients based on food technology and biotechnology are also used in other consumer products - from feed and toothpaste to biofuel and plastics. Throughout the value chain, sustainability is integrated in Danisco's way of doing business.

About Fonterra: New Zealand's multinational dairy company
Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd is a leading multinational dairy company, owned by 11,600 New Zealand dairy farmers. Fonterra is the world's largest exporter of dairy products, exporting 95 percent of our production.

Our global supply chain encompasses our shareholders' farms in New Zealand through to customers and consumers in 140 countries. Collecting over 13 billion liters of milk a year, we manufacture and market over 2 million tons of dairy products annually, making us the world's leader in large-scale milk procurement, processing and management.

Our ingredients business is the largest dairy ingredients operation in the world, manufacturing and marketing more than 1,000 ingredient products to the international food industry. Our specialty ingredients include probiotics, hydrolysates, lipids, clear beverage proteins and extruded proteins for snack foods.

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