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New Patent Promotes Soy Isoflavone Benefits

SoyLife® patented for promoting health in cases of menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome

Minneapolis – Recognizing isoflavones suppliers’ advancing research, the U.S. Patent Office has issued patent number 7,045,155 to Novogen, Ltd. This patent, which Acatris has exclusively licensed, protects compositions for the amelioration of human health conditions that are responsive to treatment with phyto-estrogens. The compositions comprise phytoestrogen-enriched extracts primarily from soy hypocotyls.

Acatris, leading supplier of the soy isoflavone ingredient, SoyLife®, has demonstrated diligence and in depth research to establish the scientifically-backed superiority of SoyLife® health benefits. “We are committed to providing consumers with the highest quality ingredients through our proprietary production technology and our expansive commitment to clinical research,” said Laurent Leduc, President, North America Health Division, Acatris.

In 2005, an exclusive agreement with Archer Daniels Midland gained Acatris and its customer’s access to ADM’s impressive intellectual property portfolio including those patents licensed from Novogen, covering production processes and certain women’s health labeling claims for soy germ isoflavones. Admittance to several new U.S. soy isoflavone patents granted in 2006, including patent #7,045,155, were highlights of the agreement this year.

Acatris’ SoyLife® is a range of ingredients from soy germ, rich in isoflavones. SoyLife® has been supported by proprietary scientific studies to promote women's health, bone health, heart health and cognitive function. More than just an isoflavone, SoyLife® offers the complete spectrum of natural soy compounds, the Soy Matrix™, which enhances the bio-availability of isoflavones. This makes SoyLife® the most effective way of adding the natural profile of soy-bioactives. SoyLife® is used worldwide in over 500 products such as dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmetics.

Acatris continues to be an innovative leader and supporter in the science behind soy isoflavones, as well as in flax lignans, providing customers and consumers with proprietary science and studies on these ingredients to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Ongoing research includes a study being conducted via the Baylor College of Medicine on SoyLife® isoflavones in the prevention of osteoporosis. “Preliminary studies have indicated that SoyLife®’s unique isoflavone ratio high in daidzein can help maintain bone health and reduce the symptoms of menopause,” reports Jocelyn Mathern, RD and Technical Specialist, Acatris. The primary goal of the $4.5 million project named Osteoporosis Prevention Using Soy (OPUS) is to confirm that isoflavones supplementation is effective, safe over the long term and its optimal dosage. For more information on this study or regular updates, please visit

Acatris, division of the Dutch Royal Schouten Group, is an international organization that produces, markets and distributes ingredients for the food, health and nutrition industry. Acatris’ product portfolio contains branded ingredients such as SoyLife®, FenuLife® and LinumLife®.

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