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New personal care products: the supplements market gets personal

Along with a myriad of novel skin creams, Productscan has this month recorded the launch of an innovative range of supplements that are designed to be taken by people on different kinds of medication. This highlights the way the personal care market is becoming more reactive to the specific needs of different sectors of society.

Nature Made Nutritional Products has introduced the Nature Made Rx Essentials Daily Supplements in the US, which have been specially formulated for people suffering from different medical conditions and who are taking medication for such ailments. The maker claims its products can help boost vitamin and mineral levels that may be lowered by their conditions. For example, the supplement for people suffering from arthritis contains vitamins C and D as well as folic acid, as it claims that sufferers of this disease may be lacking in these. Other supplements in the range are designed for people suffering with heartburn, depression, diabetes and cholesterol, offering a different approach for the supplements market.

Pollution-fighting skincare products appear to be an up-and-coming trend, with a myriad of new products hitting the market recently. A recent US launch is the Murad CitySkin Night Treatment with Anti-Pollution Complex from Murad, which has been developed to reduce the signs of skin damage caused by environmental toxins and pollutants and encourage the formation of new, firmer skin overnight. Its active ingredients include olive extract, manganese gluconate, epidermal growth factor and glycolic acid and lupine.

Another pollution-fighting skin cream is Lancome UV Expert Protector Solar Para Rosto - DNA Shield, which has been launched in Brazil by L'Oreal. Unusually, the cream makes the claim that it can protect the skin's DNA from damage caused by the sun, pollution and dehydration, providing a new focus for the skincare market to latch onto.

Meanwhile, Urban Healing Natural Man Eye Contour Cream has been recently introduced to the UK by Farmacia Urban Healing. This eye cream for men is very specific about where its ingredients are sourced, being from the Molene Archipelago off the coast of Brittany. This is an unusual place to source skincare ingredients, but its apparently uninhabited landscape could enable the company to market the product's natural provenance more easily.

Over in France, Les 3 Chenes has launched a novel range of skincare products which use ingredients based on tannins extracted from oak bark; these are said to have a repairing and regenerative effect on the skin. The 3 Chenes Oaskin range comes in four varieties: Body Milk, Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Contour cream.

Finally, Soraya has introduced to Poland a new line of skincare products that contain potato extracts. The Soraya Beauty Creator Przeciwzmarszczkowy Program Enzymatyczny range contains the potato extract Extracellium and is said to help reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Included in the line is an anti-wrinkle day cream, night cream, eye cream and eye pads. With a lot of potatoes being grown in Poland, it is not surprising that some of them have ended up in a new skincare range.

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