Next Pharmaceuticals Partners with Organic Extracts Corporation to Sell and Distribute Supplement Ingredients to the Canadian Marketplace

Salinas, CA, March 26, 2008: Next Pharmaceuticals (NP) announced today a partnership with Organic Extracts Corp., to sell and distribute NP’s ingredients including Relora, their flagship product, as well as Nexrutine, Seditol, Flavoxine, Citrofen, Citri-Z and Chromulin to the Canadian marketplace.

“We are delighted to be associated with Next Pharmaceuticals, a company with a great reputation," said Ian Smith, President, Organic Extracts Corp. “We look forward to a productive and rewarding relationship in building Next Pharmaceuticals’ science-based ingredients within the dietary supplement industry and for consumers throughout Canada.”

“Next Pharmaceuticals is very pleased to partner with Organics Extracts Corp. in the Canadian marketplace,” said Charles Kosmont, CEO and Chairman of NP. “We feel that the emphasis this company puts on bringing high quality, safe and effective natural products to the supplement manufacturers in Canada resonates with the practices of NP and the vision of both of our companies.”

About Organic Extracts Corporation
Organic Extracts Corp. brings science-based, efficacious, natural products to the supplement manufacturers in Canada. Organic Extracts supplies quality raw materials, scientific data and support for the natural supplements it delivers to the Canadian market. Staffed with experienced chemists and pharmacists, Organic Extracts is looking forward to meeting with those Canadian manufacturers already incorporating Next Pharmaceuticals’ ingredients and the many more who will want to avail themselves of this exciting opportunity. As the industry moves toward more government control over the manufacturing and marketing of natural supplements, Organic Extracts is positioned to provide standards of quality backed by extensive research and patents that satisfy these strict requirements. For more information about Organic Extracts, please contact [email protected].

Next Pharmaceuticals (NP) was founded with the purpose of developing new, patented, natural ingredients for healthy living products in the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries. The goal of the company is to expand self-care and preventative health maintenance. NP has successfully developed six plant extracts, both patented and proprietary, plus Chromulin™, a new form of the essential trace mineral chromium for potentiating insulin. These products have significantly expanded the choices for self-care products, while providing large consumer brands with powerful product differentiation. Through the application of pharmaceutical technologies to natural botanical materials, including citrus fruits, NP has developed Relora® for relaxation and stress-related appetite control, Seditol® for better quality of sleep, Nexrutine® for inflammation, Citri-Z® for heart health; Flavoxine™ for healthy cholesterol, and Citrofen™ for mobility and comfort.

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