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"No Mere Antioxidant:" Cyvex Launches BioVin(R) Advanced Red Wine Extract

Resveratrol Content May Help Promote Healthy Longevity

IRVINE, CA— Cyvex Nutrition, which provides BioVin® full-spectrum grape extract, announces the next generation – BioVin® Advanced, a companion super-antioxidant made exclusively from French red wine grapes containing one of the highest sources of naturally occurring resveratrol. BioVin Advanced offers a full 5 percent pure resveratrol content from red wine grapes per serving.

According to Charlene Lee, marketing director, the launch of BioVin® Advanced is synergistic with the recently published study emanating from Harvard Medical School demonstrating the promotion of a healthy longevity from consumption of red wine resveratrol.

The study, published in the November 1 issue of the journal Nature, demonstrated that obese mice fed red wine extract (resveratrol) were in better health and lived longer than obese mice that were not fed the red wine extract. In the supplement group, deaths dropped 31 percent, compared to the control group. Study authors also concluded that the red wine extract group of mice lived longer than what they normally should have given their obesity.

David Sinclair, co-leader of the study, told Newsweek, “At the genetic level, we saw alterations in all the known longevity pathways that we looked at. It would appear this molecule triggers our natural genetic defenses against aging. That’s probably why resveratrol is such a potent molecule. It’s no mere antioxidant.”

In addition, Sinclair asserted that his team saw benefits in the supplement group that are associated with healthy longevity, specifically lower insulin, body temperature and blood sugar. “These mice were the rodent equivalent of Lance Armstrong, except that they were still fat,” he quipped.

Contact: Charlene Lee
Director of Marketing & Sales
(949) 622-9030 ext. 28

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