Nordic Naturals Files Lawsuit Alleging Patent Infringement and Unfair Competition

Watsonville, CA (May 4, 2007) Nordic Naturals, Inc. announced today that the company has filed a lawsuit in theUnited States District Court in the Northern District of California against J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc. and Metagenics, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that these defendants have infringed, and are continuing to infringe two of Nordic Naturals’ patents. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that these defendants have engaged in unfair competition by falsely advertising that certain of their capsules are flavored.

The company holds three patents in the area of flavored capsules: US 6,652,879 Flavored Gelatin Capsule and Method of Manufacture; US 6,346,231 Flavored Gelatin Capsule and Method of Manufacture and US 6,641,837 Flavored Vegetable Starch Capsule. Only the first two patents are included in this lawsuit. These patents cover Nordic Natural's proprietary composition and method of manufacturing flavored capsules that can be used for enclosing a compound (fish oil, for example) and improving palatability.

Nordic Naturals was founded in 1996 for the purpose of bringing Norwegian Medicinal Standard essential fatty acids from fish, unsurpassed in purity and freshness, to the American market. The company has been a leader in the category by offering advancements in education and research, proprietary technology, environmental achievements and innovations in flavoring and delivery options. Nordic Naturals now sells in over 14 countries around the world.

Nordic Naturals offers omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends with exceptional taste, freshness, and purity levels. The company offers over 80 different fish oil products and EFA blends, including liquids, capsules, and children's chewables. For information, visit or call 800.662.2544.

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