NZyma, Inc. Launches New Cardio-Nutritional Foods at SupplySide West

Pagosa Springs, CO – October 19, 2006 – NZyma, Inc., a pharmaceutical company specializing in medical foods, announced the launch of its medical food lines (which include: soft chews, powdered shakes and nutritional bars) at the Supplyside West International Trade Show and Conference in Las Vegas. Now consumers can obtain the cardiovascular health benefits of nattokinase through a prescribed innovative delivery system developed by Ralph E. Holsworth, Jr., D.O., a pioneering researcher in the field of nattokinase and cardiovascular health.

These medical foods contain a proprietary formulation of non-genetically modified organism (non-GMO), certified organic, high antioxidant ingredients stabilizing the highest activity of Subtilisin NAT (nattokinase). “We are very pleased to unveil our medical food lines at SupplySide West,” said Dr. Holsworth, who is also the co-founder and director of clinical and scientific research of Nzyma Inc. “We have made considerable breakthroughs in the formulation of these products which include understanding the absorption pathways, optimizing the co-enzymes and applying this knowledge which led to this state-of-the- art medical food.”

NZyma’s medical food lines meet all FDA requirements for a medical food and the company has filed for its National Drug code. Backing the product, the US patent office has awarded two medical applications and a manufacturing patent. NZyma’s formula maximizes the absorption and duration of plasmin activity. All ingredients are 100% organic and non-GMO sourced. All prescribed medical foods contain 100 mg of Subtilisin NAT which is the fibrinolytic equivalent greater than 2,000 fibrinolytic degradation units (FUs).

A medical food is prescribed by a physician when a patient has special nutrient needs in order to manage a disease or health condition, and the patient is under the physician’s ongoing care.

NZyma, Inc. has an exclusive license to market enzymes and co-enzymes that have been clinically proven to address the etiology of disease or dysfunction. By going to the cause of the disease process and treating it on a functional basis (such as increased blood viscosity) the disease has a higher incidence of being managed or prevented. The products a tNZyma, Inc. re-establish fundamental cellular conditions that help people find their way back to health. Contact us for more information:, [email protected] O:- 877.460.1600, F - 877.460.1707

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