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OceanGrown International (OGI) Establishes Green Based Charitable Commitment with OceanGrown Trust

Cause Marketing to Keep the World Green and Ocean Blue

Salt Lake City˜ April 22, 2008 ˜ New company OceanGrown˙ International (OGI) kicks off their charitable commitment, OceanGrown˙ Trust on Earth Day with a promise to sustain and preserve our environment, specifically the ocean. OGI was founded with the belief that the ocean can offer beneficial natural resources, and realizes there is a delicate balance of give and take with the environment. OceanGrown˙ Trust is a philosophy committed to living in harmony with this value.

„The green movement is becoming much more than a trend ˆ it‚s a revolution,‰ said Kerry Brown, OGI Founder. „Today‚s consumers deserve products and services that keep sustainability as top priority with programs to back up the buzz. Our cause is a promise to be ecologically smart about our environmental impact.‰

OceanGrown Trust˙ will partner with organizations that attend to the ocean‚s essential and imperative needs, calling them TrueBlue˙ Partners. To initiate the cause, OGI is donating to the Ocean Conservancy based in Washington, D.C., supporting healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems. As the OceanGrown˙ Trust develops, OGI will additional donate time and money to TrueBlue˙ Partners who make waves through their sincere and results driven projects.

„OceanGrown values the immense life-giving and healing properties of the ocean and will live in harmony with its delicate ebb and flow,‰ said Kerry Brown. „We promise that regardless of the extra effort and cost, our consumers can trust OGI to be eco-savvy.‰

A healthy ocean is a bountiful ocean and covers 70 percent of the earth‚s surface. OceanGrown˙ Trust allows the company and its thousands of representatives and consumers to be responsible stewards of this vast, life-giving resource. Place trust in OceanGrown ˆ be OGI TrueBlue˙∑ Live Green.


About OceanGrown˙ Trust

OceanGrown˙ Trust is a commitment to preserving and sustaining the delicate balance of earth‚s greatest resource ˆ the ocean. To attend to the ocean‚s essential and imperative needs, OceanGrown International (OGI) donates to established, eco-savvy organizations. These OGI TrueBlue˙ Partners value the ocean‚s ebb and flow and work to minimal human impact through results driven initiatives. OGI Reps and consumers can trust the company to be Œgreen‚, by keeping our ocean blue. For more information, go to Be OGI TrueBlue˙∑ Live Green.

About OceanGrown˙ International

OceanGrown˙ International (OGI), is a new lifestyle company offering distinct health products based from the ocean‚s powerful offering of algae, oils (EPA/DHA), seaweed, kelp, moss, sea salts, calcium, coral and other actives. Through proper nutrition, complete skin care and a committed approach to weight management, OGI seeks to redefine the aging process. Fusing retail and direct sales business models, OGI representatives are encouraged to promote healthy activity, sustainability and preservation. For more information on OGI, its ocean derived products and „active aging‰, please visit

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