PeptoPro® Key Ingredient in Torque

PeptoPro®, DSM’s award-winning high performance peptide is a key ingredient in Torque, latest advanced formula from Developed with sports organizations for use by professional athletes, Torque is the world’s first peptide powder and can deliver essential protein to the body’s muscles faster than other protein products available today.

Thanks to the unique combination of glucose and hydrolysed rice syrup, Torque is especially suitable for professional sportsmen and women looking to recover quickly from a period of intense training or racing. A 40g serving of Torque contains 8.5g of PeptoPro and can be consumed before, during and after exercise. Current advocates of Torque include Nick Waite, the American professional mountain biker.

“My training schedule is obviously very intense and every minute of the day counts especially when preparing for a major competition. For real performance gains, it is absolutely key that I recover as quickly as possible so I can continue training at a high level. That’s why I use Torque,” comments Nick Waite. “The protein peptides used in Torque are absorbed by my muscles immediately giving me the energy I need to avoid fatigue and continue training throughout the day.”

“We are delighted that has included PeptoPro in this latest formula,” says National Accounts Manager, PeptoPro, Reto Rieder. “Research has indicated that PeptoPro delivers improved performance as well as reduced time-to-fatigue and exercise-induced muscle pain. This makes it particularly suitable for professional athletes with grueling training schedules who want to limit their recovery period. The endorsement of PeptoPro by Nick Waite underlines how it provides the performance benefits required by modern professional athletes in a convenient format.”

PeptoPro is a patented peptide mixture containing mostly di- and tri peptides. These are absorbed without digestion and assimilate into the system faster than single amino acids or intact proteins. PeptoPro therefore provides energy directly to muscles, helping to reduce fatigue, speed up recovery and repair damaged muscle tissue. The body uses PeptoPro immediately and it can be consumed before, during and after exercise without negative side effects.

DSM is active worldwide in nutritional and pharma ingredients, performance materials and industrial chemicals. The company develops, produces and markets innovative products and services that are designed to improve quality of life. DSM products are used in a wide range of applications and end-markets such as human and animal nutrition and health, personal care,
pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, coatings, housing and the electrics and electronics market. A leading world player in many of the markets in which it operates, DSM employs about 22,000 people worldwide. The company's head office is in the Netherlands, with plants and facilities on every continent. The group has annual sales of over EUR 8 billion.

Nick Waite began racing competitively in 1999 and quickly became a successful international mountain biker. He was a member of the US National Team at the UCI U-23 World Championships in Livigno, Italy, a rider for the 2005 Pan Am Championship Team and took top honors in three major mountain bike events in 2005. Other successes include a top-10 UCI standing among Americans to start the 2006 season.

For further information on PeptoPro in the US: please contact: Reto Rieder National Accounts Manager, PeptoPro, DSM Food Specialties USA, Inc. Tel: 951 461 1619 Email [email protected] Or visit

For wholesale distribution of Sonic Protein please contact: Alex Rogers, President Tel: 732 920 5710 Email: [email protected] or go to

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