Pharmachem Expands Capabilities to Liquid Nutritionals

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. announced it has acquired a 130,000 square foot facility near Dallas, TX, with the resources and capabilities for processing and packaging functional beverages. Entry into this arena is the latest move by Pharmachem in its quest to become a vertically integrated supplier and manufacturer of custom and branded nutritional ingredients

Production capabilities at the facility, Alix Technologies, Inc., include bottling, hot fill (HTST) processing, cold fill (batch pasteurized) processing, and turnkey formulations.

“Our goal is to help customers develop the right formula and packaging for innovative liquid nutritionals,” said David Holmes, founder and CEO of Pharmachem. “Combined with our existing R&D capabilities, Alix Technologies will be specifically designed to produce concentrated liquid nutrition, ready-to-drink syrups and slurries, energy drinks and super juice concentrates.”

To lead the new business unit, Pharmachem has named Peter Hafermann as President of Alix Technologies. Hafermann was formerly CEO of Aloecorp, Inc., Lacey, WA, and past president of BI Nutraceuticals, Long Beach, CA.

In 2006, Pharmachem purchased a 105,000 square foot dairy ingredient and natural product processing facility in Wisconsin, and now has six separate operating subsidiaries, including: Avoca, Inc., the largest custom extraction facility in North America; MPT, Inc., which provides specialty granulation bulk ingredients; American Ingredients, a supplier of essential and proprietary ingredients; and Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., a marketer of patented, science-based branded ingredients.

Headquartered in Kearny, NJ, Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. is a global leader in application-specific processing of healthy ingredients including custom extraction, fractionation, fermentation, drying, liquid-to-powder conversion, granulation, agglomeration, blending, nutrient fortification and ready-to-drink powders. For more information, call 1-800-526-0609, or log on to

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