Prestigious Sports Medicine Association Grants Celadrin Cream Marketers Official Use of Logo and Statement

KEARNY, NJ (December 22, 2008) -- Proprietary Nutritionals Inc. (PNI) announced today that the Federation Internationale de Medecine du Sport (International Federation of Sports Medicine or FIMS) has granted approval of use of its logo on Celadrin-containing topical products by its partner companies.

This comes several months after the Federation and its Executive Committee selected Celadrin® Topical Cream, an all-natural blend of special fatty acids, as its Official Pain Relieving Cream. FIMS’ goal since 1928 was to provide the best medical care for the athletes of the summer and winter Olympic Games. Now it has expanded its goal to provide the most advanced knowledge and technologies in sports medicine for world class athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

“The FIMS logo is instantly recognizable the world over as it incorporates the Olympic rings, which symbolize unparalleled excellence,” says Dean Mosca, president of PNI. “This powerfully distinguished icon will resonate with consumers who desire superior quality products to enhance their health and well being.”

Celadrin has been shown in several published studies (sponsored by its developer, Imagenetix, Inc.) to reduce pain and improve mobility in people suffering from a variety of joint, muscle and tendon-related ailments. The endorsement by FIMS is recognition of that groundbreaking research. This is one of the main reasons why Celadrin® has been endorsed by FIMS as the official pain relieving cream for a period encompassing the years 2008 until 2012. Celadrin® will maintain this exclusive and prestigious association throughout this athletic cycle.

Dr. Walter Frontera, the president of FIMS, stated that “FIMS is very impressed with the scientifically validated Celadrin® Topical Pain Cream. After reviewing the scientific attributes of Celadrin® Topical Pain Cream, FIMS is convinced of its efficacy for the treatment of soft tissue injuries that may interfere with sports performance.”

About FIMS
The Fédération Internationale de Médecine du Sports (FIMS)/International Federation of Sports Medicine is an international organization comprised of individual members, national associations, and multinational groups, with a common involvement with sports medicine on all continents. FIMS aims primarily to promote the study and development of sports medicine throughout the world, to assist athletes in achieving optimal performance, and to enhance health through the practice of exercise and physical activity in the general population.

About PNI
Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., is located in Kearny, New Jersey, USA. PNI markets Celadrin® Joint Flexibility & Relief, and other patented, scientifically proven, branded ingredients to the nutraceuticals industry. For further information, visit or call 519/647-2071. ###

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