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Price reductions on the way for vitamin B2 market?

Two Chinese supply companies are planning to open manufacturing facilities that could increase the amount of vitamin B2 supply on the world market by as much as 4,500 metric tons per year, according to a report from Such an infusion could cause global raw material prices to drop, though it’s not immediately known to what extent.


One of the companies, Xinfa Pharmaceutical, is preparing to open a food-quality facility with a 2,000 ton capacity. The other facility in question will be opened by Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical and Henan Golden Corn and would have a reported capacity of 2,500 metric tons, according to No time tables have been set for the opening of the facilities, but the global market is reportedly ripe for new competition in the supply chain. “Exchange rates are benefiting European and U.S. production, so the competitive advantage enjoyed by the Chinese in recent years is dwindling somewhat,” a spokesman for United Kingdom-based supply company Gee Lawson told Nutraingredients. “But vitamin B prices have been high for more than 12 months and so that is always going to attract new players.”

The global vitamin B consumer market generated annual sales in excess of 2.6 billion Euros, or approximately $3.4 billion, according to Euromonitor estimates. Consumer sales of vitamin B supplements were up nearly 10% in 2008, with sales in excess of $1.1 billion, according to preliminary NBJ estimates.

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