Pure Plant Oils Support Absolute Essential Evolution

If you’re looking for totally natural health products with ethical origins, exceptional purity and impeccable credentials, you will be delighted to discover Absolute Essential, New Zealand’s leading authority in therapeutic plant oils. Much more even than a specialist supplier of medicinal grade essential oils, Absolute Essential has a completely unique expertise in therapeutic formulations that brings their plant oils to the cutting edge of natural health care. With established professional health clinics that boast their own meticulous, certified organic factory, Absolute Essential has cultivated the ancient wisdom of medicinal plants to a new level of sophistication.

Only pure materials can work in a truly therapeutic partnership with the body. Top calibre plant oils will resonate
with the body’s own restorative process. And unadulterated scent offers a scientifically proven pathway to emotional and
physiological responses.

For over 15 years this dedicated team has ignored the fads and worked diligently to refine their craft. The result is
a full range of outstanding natural products that actually work to support our body’s evolution towards
sustainable wellbeing.

Be amazed at the visible impact of a night treatment with Rejuvenating Face Serum. Delight in the softly nurturing aroma of Baby Massage Oil. Sleep easy with the relaxing tones of Dream Time…

Whatever you may require, Absolute Essential can guarantee completely safe, pristine natural products, professionally crafted to restore and support the healthful balance of body and mind.


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